Yarra Park Melbourne

by Chris Temouskos
(Melbourne, Australia)

Hello, I have a positive Story. I Chris, took myself to the Yarra Park Melbourne, and stayed there. I needed to do something different for once. I did not know what or how, but something new. Everyone was forcing me back, but NO. This is what I did, I started to act on imagination, imagination created a Story, Story produced my life, life directed by self. Now how I did that, I had no idea how to rewire my mind and body and did it. All I was doing is keeping myself busy having fun like a child but yes adult, it was making sense to me. I happen to self publish a book: Self Expression. (color, photos, paintings, sculpture, story highlights). Published by Balboa Press. The book happen to make it to a hospital library. A few years before the book story, I happen to be at that hospital were I experienced a neurosurgery. Now that is the power of self. I Feel younger. Every word is a sound, and sound creates a tune, be positive with all words, and the tune does play......Chris, Thank You.

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