You Are My Joy Products

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The short story You Are My Joy was the inspiration for these products. They are for anyone who loves dancing - be it ballet or a modern form of dance.


It never ceases to amaze me how ballet dancers can dance on their toes, weightlessly, so effortlessly... Like feathers in wind almost. Yet to achieve such mastery of movement the dancer has to practise for years. These products are for anyone who loves classical ballet.

I´m Dancing In My Mind

Sometimes we cannot dance when we would like to. There may be many reasons, but one thing is sure: We are always free to dance in our minds. These products were made to remind you of this choice!

Happy Dancer

Are you a happy dancer? Someone who dances through life? Do you know someone who is? If so, here are the perfect gifts.

You Are My Joy

These products have the same message as the story itself. If you wish to tell someone that they brighten up your day, here you will find many ways to do so.

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