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Inspirational Short Stories, Issue #021 -- Daily Happiness Email
May 15, 2020

Daily Happiness Journal emails

My first year of the MA studies (Egyptology at the University of Manchester) is now done, and I have my summer break here.

I have been writing down positive, happy things in my journals and planners for all my adult life. Still, too often I have forgotten that good habit when life has been hectic. Now, with the corona virus forcing us to stay at home, I finally decided it is time to create something I had thought of for a long time.

Namely a Daily Happiness email. And I admit it was a bit of a selfish decision. If I commit myself to writing a daily happy email to my subscribers, I will make sure I will concentrate on the good things in life every day.

If you wish to read more about this, and subscribe to the email, perhaps even share your happy stories, you can check this thing out at my Daily Happiness Journal Blog.

I did not want to start sending those emails directly from the as that might be too many emails for many. But if you don't mind getting a daily pep-me-up in your inbox, check the above page. You will find a subscription form there, and the emails I've sent so far. After filling the form you will get a confirmation email with a link you need to click on.

After that you will receive the Daily Happiness Journal email from

Your email address will never be given to anyone. It is strictly for my eyes only, so I can send the emails.

Hope to see you on my happiness email list!

Leena :)
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