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Daily Happiness Journal
A daily happiness email for you
Writer's Life
Writer's Life - blog posts by Leena
Inspirational Short Stories Blog
Inspirational short stories blog. Stories, quotes and positive attitude tips at the Web site - for a more positive outlook on life. Subscribe here.
Mr Mummific
Books by Mr Mummific - a cheeky mummy with an attitude
The Return of the Nephilim? A Fantasy Novel Series: Nephilim Quest
Nephilim Quest - a fantasy series about the return of the Nephilim
Its a Wonderful Life
Photos to show its a wonderful life.
Self Motivation Tips
A place to ask and share self motivation tips on many subjects
How to Be Happy?
How to be happy? What and where is happiness? It is in each moment...
Animal Stories
Short animal stories to brighten up your day - and the best of animal quotes.
Kids Stories
Here are good old kids stories, the ones we also grew up with.
Funny Short Stories
Funny short stories - read and chuckle!
Short Story Search
A short story search for the latest five inspirational short stories.
Don't Worry Be Happy? Put on the happy face? But how?
Inspirational stories and tips on how to be happy in everyday life. Don't worry be happy! Put on the happy face!
Laughter Is the Best Medicine
Inspirational stories on laughter - these quick to read short stories will show you laughter is the best medicine
Happy together - inspirational stories of love and friendship
Happy together - these inspirational stories of love and friendship are positive and heart-warming
Money and Happiness
inspirational short stories about money and happiness
Positive Attitude Tips
Positive attitude tips for you in the form of inspirational short stories.
Positive quotes to lift your spirits
These are positive quotes on different subjects to make you feel better.
What Is Success?
What is success for you?
Work Motivation
Inspirational short stories about work motivation
Online writing
Online writing opportunity - check the subjects and create a short story webpage.
Story Starters
Writers block? Try these story starters - and publish your story here for free.
Essay Writing Tips
Difficulties in writing your essay? Maybe these Essay Writing Tips help you.
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Inspirational Short Stories E-zine
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Inspirational Short Stories Facebook Page
Link to the facebook page of Inspirational Short Stories
About me
About me, the author of Inspirational Short Stories
A blog to show that in our everyday life there are always positive, joyful things we can concentrate on. We just need to train ourselves to see them.
Positive Inspirational Short Story Blog
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