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Inspirational Short Stories, Issue #017 -- Why did you just dislike someone - and what to do about i
June 15, 2017

Why did you just dislike someone
and what to do about it


Have you ever met a person whom you dislike? Well, of course you have. Maybe their way of thinking is too different from yours. Or something in them triggers an old, unpleasant memory of someone else. You know, like (one of my favorite characters) Miss Marple always says how a person reminded her of someone she once knew.

Often when we form a negative idea of someone in our minds it is just that: our own negative thought. It may not be based on reality, just the emotion your own thoughts have created. (And I am talking of ordinary people in your life, not someone who has purposefully caused you harm – disliking them is a normal reaction.)

If you need to be in contact with the person you dislike, and it doesn’t feel like a pleasant thing, try the following train of thought:

This person you dislike – have you ever thought there are others who actually love this person? Doesn’t this tell you there is good in him/her? Yes, of course it does.

How about trying to imagine what that good thing is that makes others love him/her? Just trying to find this good thing changes your way of thinking. You are more willing to see good – and when you meet them the next time, you just might notice you get along with them much better.

So do this exercise next time you meet someone who triggers a negative reaction in you. Might change the way you look at the world – in a good way.

Leena :)

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