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Inspirational Short Stories, Issue #013 -- Aspects of Your Life
January 15, 2016

Aspects of Your Life

During New Year many of us are making resolutions and deciding what we want to achieve this year. If the promises to ourselves (or to others) are too big, they often do not happen. Permanent change comes in baby steps, the mind will rebel against changes that are too drastic.

I read this advice somewhere and saved it to my computer – I feel it helps me to have a broader look at my life. Maybe you could use it to make more realistic resolutions, and plan the year ahead better?

Fill in the gaps in the following little activity:

1. I no more need to ____________________________

2. I need to do more of _________________________

3. I soon need to _______________________________

4. I should _______________________________ again

5. At times I need to ____________________________

Number one tells you what you would like to change in your life.

Number two tells what you want to hold on to.

Number three tells about your future goals.

Number four brings to mind something that empowered you in the past.

Number five tells you where you should be more flexible.

Try writing a to-do list based on these five points.

Number one: What is the first step you can take to change the thing that needs changing? Think of the end result you wish to achieve, plan the first step, and let the next step reveal itself to you in its own time. Know that you don’t need to know all the steps at this stage. Just start moving towards your goal.

Number two tells what is important to you, so plan in your calendar time for it. Don't let everyday chores steal away the time from this important thing.

Number three: again, one baby step towards your future goal. Or if you have the end result clearly in your mind, write down the major steps you need to accomplish to achieve it. And start with number one. Be prepared to be flexible with your list and tweak it as life happens. But do not give up on this goal.

Number four: if this thing empowered you in the past, can you see what exactly was it? Would it still empower you? Can you recreate the essence of it in your life today?

Number five: are you stuck in a routine that needs changing? Some routines are good, but some can make you feel like prisoners in our own life. If there is some routine that does not serve you anymore, can you make plans on how to change it for the better?

Sitting down to analyze your life with this method can bring surprising ideas. Or simply remind you of what you had known all along, but just hadn't put into practice.

And most of all – be gentle with yourself. Don’t blame yourself for not achieving something. Life is a process. At different times we want different things, because we change and our wants and needs change. Give yourself time - and try to have fun while reaching for your better life. And remember the old saying:

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Happy New Year!


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