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Inspirational Short Stories, Issue #020 -- Writing four books
April 14, 2019

Writing four books at the same time


Well. Time sure flies when you are having fun. I am seriously suspecting I am a workaholic when it comes to writing. I am working on four of my books at the same time now. Two days for a book, and then two days on the next book and so on.

You could say karma has caught up with me - I have to read my own books and make notes so I don't forget to handle the loose ends that need to be tied to the next book in the series. This means the Nephilim Quest -series (books 1-3, about 1500 pages), the Space Witches -series (books 1-2), The Death of a Vampire (which is the first book in its series, and I haven't yet quite figured out what the name of the series will be) and the Seven Shabtis (book 1).

Really, when you write series, it takes an amazing amount of work to create a believable world. And while you are at it, the details just keep coming...

On top of going through the already existing books I am planning Nephilim Quest 4 (The Book of the Dead), writing Space Witches 3 (The Mirror Witches), editing Death of a Vampire 1, and editing the Seven Shabtis 1.

All this on top of a 9-5 job. And in the autumn I will be continuing my Egyptology studies (I was accepted to the MA in Egyptology program at the University of Manchester).

Oh well. Who needs free time? I've actually been asked how the heck do I manage all this, and I went ahead and asked if people are interested in my tips on how to plan all this to my calendar and still have a chance to have other life as well. Why did I ask... Now I've been flooded with requests to do so. It seems that's another book / course in the making.

Free time? What's that? LOL :D

Other than that, spring is finally here in Finland. With the occasional (normal) snowfall in April we are expecting to reach near +20 Degrees (Centigrade) at the end of next week. Yes, please.

Well, that's what I've been up to now.

Back to the old keyboard!

Leena :)

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