Do You Want to Read
Inspirational Stories
That Make You Feel Happier?

These inspirational stories are quick to read, fresh
and most of all they are positive

Do you want to inspire yourself quickly? This is a little private oasis of yours, to freshen up your mind, to take your thoughts away from the busy everyday buzz all around you.

The perfect coffee break stories.

Often it is like life was living us and we dance like puppets on strings to meet its demands. These inspirational stories are written to give you a new way to look at your day and your life. They show you there is good everywhere. They give you tools to be happier and find self motivation.

These inspirational stories are written to make you feel happier

When you concentrate on making yourself happy at a deep level, you benefit others too. If you see a happy person, don´t you start wondering how to be one yourself? If someone then asks you what is your happiness-secret, you can share of your knowledge.

That´s the way life is at its best - you share from your happiness and pay it forward.

These inspirational stories tell it is you who lead your own life

These short stories are written to awaken new inspirational thoughts in your mind. To help you get a better grip of your life and decide its direction.

Why inspirational stories? Stories and inspirational words speak to your mind directly. If you cannot immerse yourself in long learning processes at the moment to change your thinking, a story stays easily in your mind.

Quick tips for your everyday life

At the end of these inspirational stories there are easy tips for you to use. They will help you to get a clearer, more positive view of your life, to make you feel more confident or just make your life a bit easier.

These tips are also to teach you to trust your own inner wisdom. There is such a feeling of freedom when you learn this, that you will be amazed.

You´ll get more courage to make your own decisions about your life. You won´t feel like life is being dictated to you from the outside so much anymore. You will realize you are in control of your reactions and your decisions.

Life becomes a fun adventure again

You will know yourself better. You will be more in control, calmer, happier. Secure in yourself and in the knowledge you can lead a wonderful life.

This encourages you to make positive changes in your life - according to your will, not the will of others. With this realization you will meet every new day with a new eagerness. This is a sign of a happy life.

Wouldn´t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning, meeting the new day with joy and eagerness?

Inspirational stories have been told throughout history to inspire new thinking. Good stories will give life a whole new perspective. Inspirational stories will teach you to see the positive in your life right now.

You will learn to live more in your now-moment, instead of the "Once I have achieved that I will be happy".

You will learn life can be magical and fulfilling right where you are, if you so wish

The decision is yours.

After each story there will be more food for thought about the theme of the story

The tips and notes will give you tools to look at this theme in your own life and realize what is valuable there. You realize you have made great decisions so far - and you will see where perhaps you desire change.

This way you can start making plans to direct your life into the direction you want to go.

You will get the change-process started and feel more in command of your own life

Starting these processes - which ever you feel you want to use at the moment - will certainly make you feel interested in life again. Once you have started working on an issue, it releases a lot of bottled up energy in your mind. This helps you to feel more energetic and positive.

There will be recommendations as well

Sites and things that give you a chance to study the theme in more detail, if you so choose.

These recommendations will be of interest to you, if you have more time in your hands. After all it is you who has to make the decision where you will be giving your precious time.

These recommendations will also help you to find the good opportunities that are all around you. Right there, in your life, now.

If you have dreams,

these recommendations may help you to make them a reality. So once you are old, you´ll be able to look back at your life with content. "I did what I wanted. I lived my life being true to myself."

To leave a legacy behind - isn´t that what we all wish for?

When you actively work on your own happiness and role in this world, people will remember you as one who led a good life, and will use you as an example. By fulfilling your own dreams you have not only taken - you have given back.

People remember those who make them feel good. And not only make them feel good- but also teach them how they can make themselves feel good.

As you see, these inspirational stories are grouped into themes on the left side of the page. This helps you to navigate easier, if you have a special theme you are interested in.

Happiness, good life, positive thinking, self motivation. There will be inspirational quotes, affirmations, daily inspiration. These inspirational short stories will tell some of the success secrets of living a better life.

So read these inspirational stories, sense the feelings these inspirational words make you feel. Do they awaken your own inspirational thoughts? Trust those thoughts– because ultimately you are the author of the most inspirational stories in your life.

Come back for more. I will be writing and adding more of these inspirational stories frequently.

Give yourself an inspirational break - you deserve it.

© Leena Pekkalainen
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