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Inspirational short stories blog. Short stories, motivational quotes and easy to follow positive attitude tips - all written with the intention to motivate the reader to maintain a positive outlook on life.

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How to Be Happy?

How to be happy? What and where is happiness? It is in each moment...

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Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem - happiness tips for June

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No Bells Ringing

No Bells Ringing by Pat Jeanne Davis “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” The words coming from the Church on

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From darkness to the sun & back!

We all feel sadness at times. Life is full of changes and bring unexpected circumstances in our lives. As I'm approaching the big 60, I find that I can

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Yarra Park Melbourne

Hello, I have a positive Story. I Chris, took myself to the Yarra Park Melbourne, and stayed there. I needed to do something different for once. I did

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The Day the Laughter Died

The day the laughter died for little Debbie was the day her best friend died. She stopped talking and never smiled. And then she met the traumatized big horse, Goliath.

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Power of Negativity - How to Avoid the Negativity of Others

The power of negativity of other people can be considerable in your life... What to do?

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Mr Mummific

Books by Mr Mummific - a cheeky mummy with an attitude

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How to Feel Happy

How to feel happy - pay attention to your childhood dreams

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A shortcut to happiness? Could it be in creating goals for yourself?

How creating goals could be a shortcut to happiness?

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Authentic Happiness - Can You Reach it?

Reaching authentic happiness - it's in the little things

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Happy at work? How?

How to be happy at work? What is work, really?

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The Return of the Nephilim? A Fantasy Novel Series: Nephilim Quest

Nephilim Quest - a fantasy series about the return of the Nephilim

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Happy Days

Happy days - inspirational short stories of family and children

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Old posts appearing

Sorry, everyone, if you haven't seen your messages posted or answered to. Five years of studying alongside a full time job meant I quickly went through the emails I got, but it seems I did not catch all of them. Now that I am really cleaning my folders I have found many stories hiding in the midst of spammy emails (where people have been trying to put links to their websites without permission - these posters will be banned). There was a message of someone's photo being used without permission (Please - always ask for permission if you post a photo of someone - and be certain you are not using a photo taken by someone else without permission), quite a few good comments on posts by others, and stories as well. So don't be surprised if your old posts suddenly emerge from the mists of time... I will be going through all of them now, as it seems there are little pearls hidden it the midst of spam...

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