Mr Mummific

Mr Mummific is a cheeky mummy with a definite attitude towards our modern life. 

He appeared one day on my sketch pad when I was taking a break from my Egyptology studies at the University of Manchester. We became friends and he actually has his own website too. 

Mr Mummific
How I Became a Mummy

One day a publisher approach me, asking if Mr. Mummific might consider writing a book. I asked him about it and he thought it to be a splendid idea. He chose the subject of mummification and graciously allowed me to be his scribe and artist. We worked on the book for 10 months. I wrote down what he told me, and then illustrated the book. There are 80 pictures in all, revealing all the icky details of mummification, seasoned with his one-of-a-kind personality.

We are already writing a sequel to this book, so stay tuned...

You can get the book at (1st March 2017) and (19th October 2016).

Also available on bookstores.

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Mr Mummific
How I Became a Mummy

Always wondered how mummification ws done? Wonder no more - Mr Mummific reaveals the whole process in this book.

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