Thank you

by Kim

A few years ago, I would practice calligraphy by writing Desiderata over and over again. It made such an impact on me and someone very special to me, but when he and I went our seperate ways, I stopped using it. I reverted to my old ways and found myself severly depressed. Tonight I decided I wanted to calligraphy Desiderata again, only I couldn't remember the title or the author...just the line "you have a right to be here" I googled it...the first link I checked was not the poem, so I tried the link to your website. I finished copying the poem into my journal and curiously decided to check your home page. It was as if you knew me and what I needed, reminding me that there is no such thing as coincidence - the universe is unfolding as it should be. Thank you for being a positive force in this universe.


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Oct 04, 2010
Thank you, Kim!
by: Leena

Hi, Kim!

And thanks for the kind comment.

I have to admit Desiderata is one of those larger-than-life poems in my opinion too. It is somehow so soothing and puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

I also try to keep this website a positive place - life's just a bit hectic so I don't always have the time to work on it as much as I would like to. Full time job, Egyptology studies on top of that at the Manchester University, and painting (at the moment I am painting an Egyptology art show - you can see the works in progress at

Well, at least life isn't dull! But when it feels too hectic, I like to read Desiderata and remember what really is important in life.

Leena :)

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