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Inspirational short stories blog. Short stories, motivational quotes and easy to follow positive attitude tips - all written with the intention to motivate the reader to maintain a positive outlook on life.

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Everyone in the office left dirty dishes in the sink and counter. I made a notice and posted on the wall over the sink. It read 'All dirty dishes will

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Rosie the hero of the day

Hi! I'm going to tell you about a little female puppy called Rosie. It was an ordinary summer's day and a family were having a braai. Funny enough they

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Along The Way

Once again I love. What is this love? My only real wish is that when I leave this earthly shell, and all of the joyful heartbreak that comes with being

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The Black Sheep

There was a shepherd who had green meadows and pastures filled with sheep. They glistened softly and were white and pure and protected from harm, as the

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My Name Is Anonymous

I was four and half when things began to go awry. Hearing the tension escalating in the house made me nervous. Mom left and shortly after so did my dad.

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Touch Someone's Life

You can touch someone's life, Just by what you say or do, It's nice to be able to do that, And I'm going to do it too. It might be by an act of kindness,

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How to Be Happy?

How to be happy? What and where is happiness? It is in each moment...

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Seize the Day

Seize the Day - Happiness is in the moments

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Mind the Gap

This is a story I have to release to get it out of my veins. From here on out the story running through my veins is about LOVE. I call this a Mind the

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Life, Live it with Dignity

The Dictionary tells us that the Definition of Dignity Means A Sense of Pride in Oneself,I say the Definition of Dignity was our Son Jeff. He exemplified

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The Comfort- Zone

We have many aspirations in life. One of them is, simply, to be comfortable; comfortable in our skin, in our choices, in our environment. We must not,

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Finding happiness through self talk

Finding happiness through self talk

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Anger management tips

A cherokee story and anger management tips when someone really annoys you.

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Building Self Esteem

Building self esteem - happiness tips for June

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No Bells Ringing

No Bells Ringing by Pat Jeanne Davis “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” The words coming from the Church on

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