Past Burdens

by Alaina
(Chatham, Ontario, Canada.)

I grew up a very happy child. According to my parents, I brought joy to everyone when encountered my bubbily personality. Once I enteded school, it became harder and harder to keep a possitive attitude. Grade 8 was an especially hard time for me. One girl even stated that she would pay for me libosuction surgery when she bacame famous. In high school, one of my "friends" asked out the boy she knew I loved in front of me, on my birthday too!

Last week, I realized something. It doesn't matter what happens to you. What matters is what you make your memories mean. A bad thing that happens to you does not mean that it was a bad thing. All you have to do is make the things that happen to you mean good things, and you will have a good life. For example, if someone "stabs you in the back", take it as a learning experience, rather than being hurt be someone. Since nobody bargains for their lives, all you can do is live with what you get. Take the cards your dealt, and make the best of them
And remember, you can give yourself whatever life you want, you just have to tell yourself you are an amazing person who has an amazing life, and you will.

Alaina, 17.

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