Positive Attitude Tips

Positive attitude tips - sometimes we all need them just to get through the day.

What is this positive attitude anyway? It can be rather annoying if you feel bad and someone chirps your should look at it positively. How?

Well, let me tell you a little fact I´ve learned during the years. If you are really feeling low, there is no way you can just jump to a total positive outlook. It just doesn´t happen like that. But there is a way - taking small steps, learning
new ways of thinking, little by little. It is a process that is never done, you are never ready. But if you take it as a way of life and are gentle with yourself, only expecting to find ways to feel a little better, one day you´ll notice you have profoundly changed your thinking.

positive attitude tips - a big smiley person

I´ve been following the path of positive thinking for over twenty years and I´m really happy I started to work on my thoughts. Sure I have gone through many very unpleasant phases of life - but with the positive attitude I walked through them and later even found all those phases were blessings in disguise.

In these inspirational short stories I shall tell you some of the tips for a more positive attitude I have been using. Pick the ones you like best - always listen what feels good within and follow that feeling. You don´t need to tell anyone you are using them - it may even be that when you start developing a positive attitude, it may feel like a threat to others, especially if they have learned to live their lives in a constant negative self talk.

Still - when you start your journey of positive thinking, you shall meet wonderful new people with whom you can share positive attitude tips from your heart´s content. And that´s really what makes the whole journey so much fun. We are here for each other.

I really hope these tips work for you!

Can you help others with your tips? You can share them at the end of the page.

Words of Affirmation

words of affirmation - mirror

Ever wondered if words of affirmation really work? Well - have you listened to the words of the person who knows best?

Teacher Attitude
teacher attitude - graduation cap

Have you ever thought how important a teacher's attitude is in our lives? Here is a little story about a teacher who sure knew how to put positive attitude tips in her students' minds.

Choose Your Attitude - or the Bad Bad Hair Day
choose your attitude - bad hair day

That was the ultimate bad hair day...

Attitude of Gratitude
attitude of gratitude - many thanks

If you are searching for real life positive attitude tips, this is a masterpiece in attitude of gratitude. I have printed it out to remind me there is so much to be grateful for - in the very things that we find annoying.

Brand New Day
brand new day - rooster

Now what could be more annoying than a chirpy neighbor in the morning?

Nails in the Fence
bad temper - boy with hammer

The good old short story about how a father taught his son to restrain his bad temper.

Attitude Test
attitude test - pile of stones

A short story of an attitude test - what a backpack full of stones revealed.

Anger Management Tips
anger management tips - two wolves

A Cherokee story of two wolves and some tips how to deal with annoying people.

I Can - Attitude
I can attitude -lion king

An inspirational short story how belief in your own skills can make you achieve things others consider impossible.

So read the short story about the arrogant lion and the determined little mouse.

Negative Attitude
negative attitude - sticks

What do negative attitude and a bundle of sticks have to with each other? Click here to read.

Organizing Clutter
organizing clutter - boxes

What happened when the wife decided to start her old hobby of painting again.

How Do You Keep Your Positive Attitude?

Tell what is your best positive attitude tip! What do you do when you need to uplift yourself? What works for you?

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