The Comfort- Zone

We have many aspirations in life. One of them is, simply, to be comfortable; comfortable in our skin, in our choices, in our environment. We must not, however, use comfort as an excuse to hide from personal problems and fears. If we stop pushing ourselves and confine ourselves to personal boundaries, these boundaries will become walls, encompassing the so- called comfort-zone.

The comfort-zone is a place of familiarity, giving us the impression that we are in control; we might be in control, but on a dead-end road with no destination. We drive past the bumpy, potentially uncomfortable cobblestone avenues entitled “dreams” and “destiny” and come to a halt at the end of the road, by our building-in-progress house entitled “the comfort-zone”, only to realize that we forgot to call a plumber to fix the pipes… again.

Needless to say, the comfort-zone makes us lose sight of true aspirations and personal problems become repressed. Furthermore, it gets us focused on routine so strongly, that we begin to believe that we cannot be better ourselves; mediocre performance becomes the norm.

This problematic perception can, however, be very easily altered: we must dare to drive down a different avenue. We must dare to do things that might make us feel uncomfortable. By doing so, we will experience intense gratitude for blessings that we tend to take for granted and increase our concentration in pursuit of our personal destiny.

Mistakes make me grow. Experience makes me me.

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