Rosie the hero of the day

by Julia visser
(Cape Town South Africa western cape)

Hi! I'm going to tell you about a little female puppy called Rosie.

It was an ordinary summer's day and a family were having a braai. Funny enough they had a small little hamster and two Jack Russell puppies - the sweetest dogs in the world and the Jack Russell puppies were jealous of how much attention this small bundle of fur was getting.

They never really liked each other and the Jack Russell puppies were always barking at the hamster.

On this day she went to visit the hamster and left the cage open. After a couple of hours she Went to bed. And the little puppy came with the hamster in her mouth and put him safe and sound on the floor. When ever someone tried to pick the hamster up, Rosie would growl like she was protecting her young. Eventually Rosie left the hamster inside on the pillow and the family were amazed.

Hi I'm 11 year old Julia Visser and I wrote this story because it's amazing what she did and some people only think you get human hero's but you also get animal hero's.

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