The Black Sheep

by Jeanne Fiedler
(Washington Twp., NJ)

There was a shepherd who had green meadows and pastures filled with sheep. They glistened softly and were white and pure and protected from harm, as the shepherd kept a close eye on them. One day an innocent sheep strayed over the fence. "Who am I?" he said, "I want to be different, and know myself." "I want to be noticed and be an individual." "I want to be known for my unique talents!" But as the white foggy eyed sheep strayed, he ran into so many dark and dismal things. Beings whose great black paws stepped on him and were mean and nasty. So he turned darker and darker and finally became a black sheep. And though his fur shone like satin in the noonday sun, his dark shadows would cast only upon the dry desert and he did some "not so nice" things and was ashamed to be a black sheep...

So he prayed and prayed for his life back home where his kind shepherd protected him.

In an easily short time, he ran into his shepherd and was glad to see him. He realized he was a unique individual - white or black, but was protected under the shepherd's light.

So the shepherd took the black sheep back to his flock, where he turned a beautiful fluffy white color again.
White cotton curls and a quiet presence, and he was proud to be part of the flock again, and he was never again lost.

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