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My name is Leena and I decided to build this website because I feel we all need to lift our spirits sometimes. I was always searching for stories and quotes and jokes that would brighten up my day.

Also I have always been writing stories and so it was not hard to come up with the idea for this site. Inspirational short stories, of course. And some inspirational quotes also - I just love it how the best quotes can express a whole story in a nutshell.

These stories are written by me unless otherwise stated and therefore are also copyrighted. Unauthorized duplication of them is not allowed unless I give you a written permission to do so. (And in those cases I wish you to link back to my site).

I have paid for the right to use many of the photographs on my site - they are copyrighted by the photographers who took them. most of them © iStockphoto.com. So don´t copy those - you´ll violate their copyrights. There are plenty of good sites on the net that will help you find good photographs should you need them - for a small fee or even free of cost.

Some photographs are taken by myself, and if you like them, click on them and you will be taken to a page where you can purchase them on print on demand products. Do not copy them - respect my copyright.

I will be adding stories here when ever I have time for a little writing, so do bookmark the site and visit often. After all - though I enjoy writing my stories so much it is a reward in itself, the person I am writing these stories to is you.

I have had a bit of a busy life these last five years - I have been studying alongside my full time job. This of course had its effect on this website as well. Despite my efforts I did not have time to write here as much as I would have wanted. But now things are better again:  I received my Diploma in Egyptology from the Manchester University in July 2014.

If you are also interested in ancient Egypt, do have a peek at my new website www.ancientegypt101.com - it is meant for the ordinary person, and the articles there are easy to read and not too academic. A cheeky little mummy, Mr Mummific, is my aide there, explaining all about life in the ancient Kemet. And you'll have plenty of quizzes there to test your knowledge.

If you wish to contact me, use the contact form here.

I wish you enjoy reading this site as much as I enjoy writing it!

Leena Pekkalainen

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Tutankhamon in My Own Hieroglyphs

An illustrated children's book about the life and death of Tutankhamun. This book was chosen for the "King Tut - Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh" tour that travels the world (10 cities) starting in March 2018 (Los Angeles > Paris > London > Sydney)

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Mr Mummific
How I Became a Mummy

Always wondered how mummification ws done? Wonder no more - Mr Mummific reaveals the whole process in this book.

Mr Mummific: Mummies, Monsters and the Ship of Millions