Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine. This is an old saying, and it is used for a good reason.

Many studies on laughter and its benefits to health have been made through the years all over the world. If you are interested, you can check here that the results are a positive read.

Most of us have also heard the name Patch Adams , the doctor who realized laughter does help healing. These inspirational stories are a positive read too - to brighten up your day, to make you smile. We all love to laugh

A good hearty laugh will make us feel good for a long time. That´s why we tell jokes.

Laughter is the best medicine in your ordinary day too: with humor you may find a whole new way of looking at your life. Find solutions you might not have thought of before.

Sometimes we take life way too seriously. We have been taught to run through our lives with such a speed we have no time to laugh. I remember reading that children laugh over 300 times in a day when adults laugh less than 15 times. 15! What happens to us when we grow up?

Where did laughter go?

When we are able to laugh, we are in touch with life´s goodness. We feel life has a purpose.
Laughter unites people - very different kinds of people can be together if they share the same sense of humor. Laughter is the best medicine in uniting people with differing views of life.

I have seen the most unlikely couples stay together year after year - and I have noticed that they laugh together a lot. The ones who don´t share laughter, usually don´t stay together - and if they do, they don´t seem to be very happy in their relationship. So my personal opinion is that laughter is the best medicine in the relationship with our significant other also.

Humor carries us a long way

If you are down, laughing aloud may seem impossible. You may even look at laughing people and feel they are inconsiderate and loud. But if you are one of the laughing group, you´d never think that. You enjoy laughing too much.

I have always said that the real saints of today are the ones who make you laugh. They give you the best gift - the gift of joy. They really show laughter is the best medicine.
Laughter is an Instant Vacation

There are many levels of laughter

Laughter can be a very private thing - an inward smile you keep to yourself. A tender smile to a baby or an animal. Laughter can be polite too - to make someone feel better. Remember that awful joke your friend told? The one that made no one smile. Still you did not want her to feel bad and laughed nevertheless?

Laughing in a group is usually loud - and fun. Ever heard of laughing yoga? People gathering together for the sole purpose of laughing out aloud.

And if you can laugh out loud when you are alone - well, then I´d say you really can enjoy life.

What if laughter is missing?

A personal tragedy - the loss of someone you love, for example, may cause this. Then you´d better not try to jump right from sadness to joy. You usually can´t. Still many people think they should be able to "snap out" of their blue mood. And when they can´t do it immediately, they feel guilty, maybe even panic. And just you try to laugh then...

Remember you are no machine, you are a living, delicate soul. You have a right not to laugh if you so feel. It is ok. Don´t force yourself. Laughter will come when you are ready.

But if you want to find your laughter again, remember that the steps to laughter are just that - steps. You cannot go from sulking to laughter in one big leap. But you can find something that might make you smile just a little. And once you have achieved that you may smile a bit broader. And maybe then laugh at another person´s joke. And then you find yourself laughing out loud.

Jokes are a wonderful way to brighten up your day

When I have a cranky day, I often go to the internet and read jokes there. The first ones probably feel very stupid - but if I just keep at it, I almost always find myself at least smiling after a few minutes.

laughter is the best medicine laughing baby

You know what makes me always laugh?

Child laughter.

I absolutely love those little videos where children giggle.

One of my favorites is that of a young mother with quadruplets. Four tiny babies who laugh at their father filming them. Their giggles are so joyful I end up laughing with tears in my eyes every time I watch it.

Child laughter is definitely one of world´s greatest joys. I´d say child laughter is the best medicine there really is. Literally. Little children have all the fun - but they sure are willing to share if we just take the time to enjoy their company.

Child laughter comes straight from the heart. They have the best giggles. Do you still remember those wonderful days with your best friend when you could start laughing with no reason and laugh so long you could barely breathe? Oh - to have such laughter again!

I wholeheartedly agree with the old saying. Laughter is the best medicine.

So here are inspirational stories on laughter for your enjoyment.

Laughter In The Rain
laughter in the rain - orange umbrella

An inspirational story of an old lady´s guideline in life - laughter.

The Day the Laughter Died
the day the laughter died - horse eating from hand

The story of a little girl who lost her best friend - and for whom the laughter died. Then she meets an old cowboy and the badly treated big stallion, Goliath...

Return to Laughter
return to laughter - old fashioned typewriter

A gift from a friend - a year long project of returning to laughter.

Laughter Quotes
laughter quotes - laughing friends

Fun quotes about laughter.

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