The Return of the Nephilim?
a Fantasy Novel Series
Nephilim Quest 

I have always been interested in mythology, and it seems the return of the Nephilim has been a subject that has made many people write stories and non-fiction books about the subject. I bough many such books myself, having been interested in angels and the myths of their descendants. Still, those books were buried under my other books when I studied Egyptology at the University of Manchester for five years.

Through the years I had developed a story line in my mind. I had started writing it many times, but never got any further than a few chapters. I wondered why that was, but understood later I simply did not have the energy to write a full novel. The reason was the severe illness of my father, which took years. Worry and the knowledge of the inevitable outcome effectively depleted my energies.

Then the sad day came when he passed away, and after the funeral was over, I suddenly had this amazing burst of energy. I sat down and wrote my story finally down. Two months for the first draft, two months correcting it and adding missing details (I needed to research ancient Egypt and check what I had written was correct). I did all this while I was at the same time writing my final essay for the Diploma in Egyptology. Such an amount of energy surprised me totally.

Once I had written the book, gone through it with a professional editor (thank you, Miriam Bibby) and had a cover made (thank you, Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics), I realized that the story I had written had the return of the Nephilim very much integrated in it. 

What is the book about?
Will There Be a Return of the Nephilim?

Dana thinks she is an ordinary teenager. Her best friend Kitty dies in a car accident. What Dana does not know is that this death was not an accident - it was the beginning of a series of events that force her to flee her ordinary life, to find the truth about her ancestry. She learn she had been created to find something that should stay hidden - and that there was a whole other reality intertwined with the reality as she knew it. Chased by forces of darkness she has no choice but to prepare for a long journey in another time and place. She has to find what she had been created to find or everything and everyone she loves is in danger.

You can read more about the story in my blog here.

The next book in the series is already in the making. I'm in the middle of research and writing down the plot. Stay tuned.


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