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Story starters are sometimes something all writers need - there are times when the words just refuse to come out. We write a word or two, delete (or toss the paper to the bin), try again... nothing...
Story starters are sometimes something all writers need - there are times when the words just refuse to come out. We write a word or two, delete (or toss the paper to the bin), try again... nothing...

Sometimes all it really takes to overcome writer´s block is to get some good starters - and suddenly the words flow again. Just like painting - if you stare at the empty canvas too long, you freeze. I´ve noticed the best thing then is to draw a line, a form, anything really, on the canvas so it is no longer blank.
And then I can paint again.

story starters - it was a dark and stormy night

The same with using starters. These few sentences are like that first line on canvas. The mind takes the words and automatically starts to lead the story forward.

These short story starters are for your free use. After each one there is also a form you can use to submit the story you wrote right here on this site, using this starter. We´d just love to read what you wrote! There are never too many good stories in this world!

If these starters work for you and you publish your story here, try to keep the stories in less-than-novel length. I´m not giving any word counts as I feel those disturb creativity. Just keep it at a reasonable level.

You may also add a picture to your story if you so wish, but it´s the story that counts. So take a story starter, let your imagination lead you and let your mind fly free.

Also remember not to over-analyze your story while you are writing it. Let it come out freely. Write it out once, then let it rest. After a while (a few days), re-read your story, and work on it some more. But don´t overwork it.

Many people get writer´s block when they feel they have to write a bestseller right now. (Now that is a thought that would freeze anyone!) Think instead that you are writing a story for a circle of friends, to entertain them. That way your own unique voice is more relaxed and the story probably comes out a lot easier.

I really hope these starters help you to start writing!

How to Marry a Millionaire

How to Marry a Millionaire?

How to marry a millionaire

Many funny stories, jokes and films have been made on the subject but the theme never seems to run dry.

Here is a short story starter for you. The story could go to any direction from here. So have fun with it!

Tired of Being Sorry

Tired of being sorry

One day you just sit there, so tired, and realize this cannot continue. You have to draw the line and start living your own life. You are so tired of being sorry all the time.

Empower others by writing a short story on this. Either your own story or a fictional one.

Your story may be just the thing for someone ready to finally take their lives into their own hands. Tell them it can be done!

Outdoor Christmas Lights

story starters - Outdoor Christmas Lights

The first signs of Christmas - outdoor Christmas lights. Some build them for months, some put them up just before Christmas. Here is a short story starter that leans slightly towards a humorous story. (You know - the neighbor who is nuts about Christmas...)

Go to Outdoor Christmas Lights and tell us what you think the narrator of the story did...

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