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I take each donation as a sign of personal encouragement to keep on writing positive, uplifting stories for you to enjoy. Consider it the equivalent of keeping an author in coffee and donuts after long hours of writing positive stories. (After all much of the writing happens during the late evenings when coffee is much needed, let alone delicious donuts to nourish the body as well as the soul).

As a thank you I'd also like to give you my new e-book,  for your encouragement. This very special e-book is called The Inspirational Short Stories. I have selected the most popular of my stories into this book for an easier read.

Save it on your computer or print it so that you may read a story when you have a moment just for yourself. The book is 115 pages long and contains the following stories:

  • Planting Flowers (The Day the Flowers Went Walking)

    Would you believe your eyes if you saw your flowers start literally walk across the lawn? One of those amazing animal stories that actually happened...
  • Funny Squirrel (The Running Bra)

    How Marianne´s neighbor stopped talking to her... again. A story of a squirrel, a bra and a broom.
  • Tired All the Time (The Snoring Dog)

    How a snoring old dog and her suffed toy cat stopped the neighbor talking to Marianne once more.
  • Hero Dog (A Real Life Story of a Puppy and a Cat)

    A little puppy so wanted to be friends with the family's cat but the cat just couldn't have cared less...
  • Daughter and Dad

    A very busy dad who never had time for his daughter.
  • Grandpa and Grandson (The Bark Boat)

    The little grandson felt such envy, looking at the boats of other children, knowing he could not get one. But grandpa helped him see a deeper life lesson in the situation.
  • Circus Elephants

    The day little Tommy met the circus elephants and learned a lesson about limiting oneself.
  • Puzzle Pieces

    A story of thinking outside the box - or when the father thought he came up with the perfect idea to occupy his son who wanted to play.
  • How to Do a Tarzan

    What "Doing a Tarzan" means...
  • Adoption Quote (The Mother's Heart)

    I heard this on a bus and it must be the best adoption quote ever
  • Draw a Teddy Bear

    What on earth was little Tina up to - asking everyone to draw teddy bears?
  • But I Feel Good

    A little boy who knew what helping was all about
  • Funny Babies (Father and Baby)

    A warning for the new fathers - be very careful what you say about your newborn baby...
  • Children and God

    From the mouths of children... From children to God.
  • Splish Splash (Annina's Baths)

    Annina seemed a perfectly nice new neighbor - but that was before anyone knew of her bathing habits...
  • One Month to Live

    have you ever thought about what you would want to do if you learned you only had one month left?
  • Coffee Quote

    How can coffee cups teach us about wnjoying life?
  • Symbol for Happiness

    What everyone else thought was a nuisance was a source of joy to one neighbor
  • Positive Words

    A story about an old lady and lots of smileys.
  • Recipe for Happiness

    And old wisdom we should all pay heed to.
  • Laughter in the Rain

    How an old lady made her life more fun.
  • The Day the Laughter Died

    Laughter vanished from a little girl's life when she lost her best friend. And then she met an old cowboy and a mistreated stallion.
  • Return to Laughter

    A gift from a departed friend - a whole year's worth of laughter
  • Manifesting Money

    Sometimes all you need to do is to ask, and it is given.
  • Get Rich Fast

    Children's ideas about getting rich fast may be a little different from adults...
  • Choose Your Attitude (The Really Bad, Bad Hair Day)

    The ultimate bad hair day
  • Brand New Day

    A chirpy neighbor can be a bit too much first thing in the morning...
  • Attitude Test (Bag Full of Stones)

    What can a bag full of stones tell you about your attitude?
  • Two Wolves

    And old Cherokee teaching about what's inside us.
  • I Can Attitude (The Lion and the Mouse)

    An old wise story about how attitude is all important.
  • Negative Attitude (A Bundle of Sticks)

    Negative attitude and a bundle of sticks? How can they be related?
  • Organizing Clutter (When My Wife Started Painting Again)

    Everything was comfortably messy until the Mrs started to search for some room to start painting again.
  • One Step at a Time (The Making of Rose Island)

    A young fisherman, a barren island and how he wanted to make life beautiful for the girl of his dreams.
  • Toss a Coin

    Tossing a coin to make decisions? Pure superstition for sure! Or is it?
  • Royal Genealogy (Mother's Famous Ancestor)

    What envy can dig out of your past...

Thank you for your support, and for reading my stories!

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I would like to thank Colin Dunbar for editing the book and make it look pleasing to the eye. I have to say my own attempts weren't all the brilliant so it was really wonderful to see how a professional made my book look like a book - in record time. (Two days, actually. Not bad!) You can find his services at 

Colin's son Bronson designed the cover. Find Bronson at 

Thank you, Colin and Bronson for your professional work!

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