Funny Short Stories

Funny short stories - isn´t this what we all need? Funnies to make us chuckle? A short and funny story a day keeps the doctor away? 

Well, there are many benefits to laughter,for sure and if an inspirational funny story makes you laugh, all the better!

I could have put these short funny stories under "Laughter" of course, but those stories are about laughter. And these are just funnies. A short and a humorous story can really make your day!

With time I realize I enjoy laughing more and more - even when I go to the movies or see a play, I notice I usually pick the humorous ones. 

Here I shall be adding those little uplifters for your day. I might even add a few clean jokes - when I remember them. What is it that you remember hearing the best of jokes but just can´t remember them afterwards? Maybe here I´ll have a collection I can return to when I just can´t remember the funnies by heart.

During history people have managed to handle many very difficult issues with humor. Because no matter how hard the circumstances, the human mind always tries to reach for a little relief - and humor brings just that. Not long ago I watched the most interesting TV program on humor at the most difficult of situations. It seems that humor was the very thing that kept many people alive in such adverse situations our minds have difficulties even to understand.

And I actually believe humor can have such an effect. When you are in a good mood, you are not so likely to give in. Human mind realizes this - and so this kind of "underground humor" helped so many people to wait for a better future.

Also the great popularity of funnies people send to each other daily through emails tells that humor is considered important. People want to spread a little good mood and short funny stories do just that.

So pick one of these funny short stories and have a chuckle!

Funny Christmas Story

And what exactly was the motivation behind grandmother's gift to her grandsons? A Funny Christmas Story (or Grandmother's revenge, if you prefer...)

Funny Babies

I just love stories of funny babies, toddlers and children. Here is one real life funny baby story.

If you have a funny baby/toddler/child-story to share, you can do so here. 

Dr Seuss Lost Poem

I couldn´t resist anymore. Here is the famous Dr Seuss Poem - every office worker must know it by heart... LOL Inspirational funny for sure! 

Children and God

I got these hilarious comments by children to God as an email and wish to share the smiles with you too. Be ready to chuckle! 

The Worst First Date Ever

If you ever thought your date was the "worst", do read this real story to get some perspective on the matter...

I don´t know who put the event on the Today Show into words, but s/he sure did a good job! A short and funny story that makes me laugh every time.

When you read this, be sure not to sip any coffee or else you´ll need to dry 
your screen.

Project Cat Pill

Ever tried to give a cat a pill? Trust me - it´s not worth the try... Read here how it goes (or doesn´t). One of the legendary funny short stories.

Splish Splash

Annina was a sweet new neighbor - until her bath habits took over..

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