Animal Stories

Animal stories and animal quotes - don´t know about you but I love them, always have. 

I am always watching animal programs on TV. When I was a child my favorite books were Gerald Durrell´s hilarious animal books. I also wrote down animal quotes when I heard them - especially the ones that were about loving animals. I have always had pets. My first animal friends were guinea pigs. And then I tried my best to persuade my parents to get a dog. For some reason they did not seem to believe I would walk the dog three times a day, no matter how persistent I was.

I did my best to brainwash them: I was good at drawing and left drawings of dogs I had made all over the place.

I ran to the library and borrowed all the dog books I could find. Left them lying around as well. Unfortunately I read so many books anyway my parents were quite used to my books lying around everywhere.

I tried the "everyone else has a dog!" and sulking in my room but even that didn´t do the trick. I remember my father commenting how nice and quiet it was when I wasn´t talking about dogs all the time. So no success there either.

Then my mother told a friend´s cat had kittens and we could go and get one. At first I was disappointed, but with time I learned to love our cat so much I have had cats ever since.

I have commented occasionally that owning cats must be a subcategory to madness, but at least life is interesting with cats around!

I just have to remember to bolt everything into place. If I don´t, things fly (they seem to get airborne when cats are around - the more expensive an object is, the more it seems to enjoy flying.)

Also watering plants is no problem. During the years all the edible plants have disappeared through natural elimination. The cactuses that are left don´t seem to interest cats much. Nor do they need much water. So in that respect life is easier.

Changing furniture is nice too. Cats help in letting us know when it is time to change the sofa. Either when the fabric starts to look like Einstein´s hair that has been combed with cat paws, or when no amount of vacuuming helps in revealing the original color of the couch, thanks to the generous donation of cat hair. A soft sofa is nice, sure, but it sort of gets a bit embarrassing when all our guests leave the house with fur-trousers.

It would be nice to get flowers, but I do advice against anyone bringing them to me. It gets a bit tiring to walk around holding the flower vase all the time. If I put it down, the flowers meet their destiny. No matter what flower - it is considered a kitty snack.

I could go on and on. And maybe I will, in the from of stories. But now I should now let you enjoy these short animal stories!

(If you are a cat person, you might want to check out this site about the beautiful cat breeds of the world:

The Animal Stories

Planting Flowers

What would you think if you saw your carefully planted flowers start literally walk across the lawn? One of those amazing animal stories that actually happened...

Funny Squirrel (or The Running Bra)

How Marianne´s neighbor stopped talking to her... again.

Tired All the Time

An old dog, a stuffed cat and some loud snores. Enough to make anyone tired all the time... (And yes, enough to stop the neighbor talking to Marianne once more) 

Find a Pet

Which way is it really? Do we find our pets - or is it the other way around? Here is the story of three of my cats and how they found me.

Do you want to help animals and share information about a specific animal shelter? You can do so here.

Hero Dog

What did the small puppy do when it saw its friend in danger? Read the real life story of a hero dog.

Here you can also share your stories about heroic animals and let the whole world appreciate them! 

Project Cat Pill

Ever tried to give a cat a pill? Trust me - it´s not worth the try... Read here how it goes (or doesn´t).

Do you have a comedian as a pet? Feel free to share your funniest animal stories here!

Happiness Is Pets

A heartwarming story about one man´s choice at the gates of Heaven.

Animal Quotes

The best animal quotes for you to read.

Searching for animal coloring pages? Click here!

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