Logman or the Happy Ent?

This logman with his toothy smile is a photo that always makes me smile. The story behind this is a holiday at River Del Garda in northern Italy some years back. A beautiful place if ever there was one, very much recommended if you love clear water, mountains, and the romantic athmosphere of an old city!

the logman

We had left our hotel early in the morning and driven up to the beautiful mountains, the Dolomites. I just love mountains, so I always want to go to see them if at all possible. They are so timeless and beautiful.


After long hours of breathtaking views and going over the mountains at Sella pass, we started our descent back to Garda. The road wound down the slopes of the mountains into a small village. Up in the mountains it had been quite cool, but down in the village the temperature was warm and I opened the car window to enjoy the summer. My husband drove and I was on the passenger seat.

He had to stop the car because of other traffic and as it happened, we stopped right in front of a gift shop full on hand-made souvenirs. And there he was - this funny, smiling logman. I burst into laughter when I saw him, and as I had my window open and a camera in my hands, I of course took this photo. I mean if there is something that makes you laugh spontaneously, it’s worth remembering. Today’s world needs laughter.

This photo brought back my childhood years. I have always loved nature, and we had plenty of forests around where we lived (well, still do, as I live in my childhood city still). I spent many long hours in those woods, walking there, climbing into trees and on big boulders of rock the ice age had brought from far north, and generally observing nature. (My father once remarked that I was always with my nose to the ground observing some plant or insect). This is how I learned to love nature – a source of good energies, beauty and tranquility – a place that helps me see the perspective of things.


There were many old, dead trees in my childhood forests, twisted by the weather and years, and I often imagined seeing eyes in the holes the fallen-off branches had left on the trunk, and sometimes even facial features. Not at all scary, but fun. It was like ancient forest-folk was observing me with a smile and I felt at home and secure. Pine trees especially were my favorites. I often thought they would be ents (I loved to read Lord of the Rings over and over again).


And here someone obviously had seen the same thing in an old tree, and brought the face visible by sculpting and painting. And don't you just love that smile? Doesn't it make you smile too? I sure hope it makes your day the way it makes mine J.


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