Baby Swans

Here are pictures of baby swans I managed to take up close. A swan mother swam gracefully into the harbor full of sailing boats, with her four beautiful little ones with her. The delicious colors in the water are reflections from the sailing boats - the sun brought the colors into the water, but the swans themselves were under the shade of lush trees.

swan family

I was so surprised how fearless this little family was. Obviously the swan mom was used to people and had come to show her beautiful babies to everyone - and to teach them there was something to be gained from people.

These little ones were so pure white, so soft and cute. And the mother brought them right to our feet, as we stood there admiring the beautiful boats on the stone steps leading to water. We had this special moment just to ourselves - no one was on the boat decks and the pier was empty at the moment.

These baby swans seemed to be very curious about us and kept on circling in front of us, and it looked like their mommy was looking at them with obvious pride.

I quite understood her - the little ones were very beautiful and healthy.

I think the mommy swan was used to being fed by people, and it was tempting - we could have given them bread, but I think wild animals should not be fed unless there is an emergency (like very harsh winter that prevents the animals from finding food). So we just ended up admiring these beautiful birds. They truly are the most elegant birds, the mute swans.

baby swans

After a while we left the family to themselves and walked away. But it was such a magical moment to see the swan mother trust us so much she left her young right to our feet and kept her distance.

Even today, after many years, I sometimes remember these little ones and wonder if they grew into adults and maybe raised young of their own.

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