Child without love

by Elizabeth
(Salinas Calif.)

At three a little girl learned very quickly that love would only come with in,there was a mom,dad brothers and sisters. She was the youngest and easily forgotten,she stood to one side looking what love was like among the others,but never came her way.

She tried in every way to get noticed. but she soon learned that at the age of three she had to love herself because no one would love her.

She went though life knowing that she could only give love, but it would never be for her,she married and he said he loved her but she knew it was'nt true because she was everything he wanted in a wife, she had children and was the best mom she could be and at last some one would surely love her because they came from her and she loved herself and them coming from her they would love her. She was confussed when she realized that they did'nt love her the way she loved her self.

Nobody could love her only herself. How sad for that lille girl because she had so much love for others but never experaniced how love really felt.

Leena's reply

This is so common, really... People waiting for others to love them and give them happiness. And we all want to be loved.

Yet there is this magical thing about life... When we learn to love ourselves, and relax into appreaciating ourselves, recognizing we are valuable, we are no longer so very dependant on how others show their emotions towards us. If we learn to love and respect and appreciate ourselves, like magic we seem to draw appreciative persons to our lives. And if other kind of persons come and try to make us feel bad about ourselves, we can directly tell them that this does not work. And with time we care less and less about such situations, because we know we are worthy of every good thing.

And really, only when we make it clear to ourselves that we love ourselves, and stop demanding love from others, we get out of the circle where we are trying to make ourselves whole with the love of other people. If we demand that others behave in a certain way so we would feel happy, we are on a bumpy road... We have externalized our happiness to the hands of others, and as they are more interested in making themselves happy than us, we are bound to meet some pretty unpleasant situations.

But we all know there are times when we like certain people more than at other times. And so it is with others too. It is only human to be irritated with others occasionally. And if at such a situation that other person comes demanding love from you, you just are not in a situation to give it purely. Too big a jump from irritation to love. That emotion has to reached again with small steps.

And if we talk about teenage children - well, we've all been there. Life can be such a turmoil at that stage, and all the "old" around you seems to be stagnant and stupid, and not leading anywhere, because it is in the very nature of young people to reach for new and (what is for them) better things. So you could say they are in a state where they can easily feel their parents are trying to hold them back, and tie them to a boring life, when they want to be out there and explore, and change the world, and have a fun life...

So if the children don't show the kind of respect and love a parent would want, it can be a question of this. In time, when they live their lives further and learn to appreciate creating their own home and sphere of life, they will look back to their parents and understand their love better - and show appreciation for it also.

So why not start searching for things that make you feel better? An old hobby you gave up, but know you'd like? A new circle of friends who are interstested in the same things as you can be a real confidence booster (a reading circle, or maybe meeting people at a gym or yoga class?)

And once you are doing things you love, you radiate positive energy - and just you wait and see what wonderful things you draw to your life then!

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May 10, 2012
Best Advise Given
by: Anonymous

That's the best advise that i have ever recieved.

Often one tries love and expected love in return from the wrong people.

I Thought I was alone on this, but now I know that there have been other people who have worn the same shoes that i am in now and they have come out with their head held up high.

Thanks to you i now know the solution to my problem.

God Bless...GT

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