Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?

by Alexis Ensley-Gregg
(Morton, PA, 19070)

After a 1 ton car crushed your face, your eyeball 10 feet away, rolling down the street and every bone on your body shattered, you would think you would hardly have enough strength to breath. This friend, family; sister was strong, brave; still alive.

Ok, let’s start from the beginning. My mom; Angel, hates animals with a passion, my dad; Lacy loves them, animals are his best friends. Me and my sister; Laci, we like them sometimes, but definitely not all the time. One day my dad brought home a tiny black furry cat, with white little spots under its belly, and her nose was white too. I called her pepper, you know, because pepper is black but has white stuff in it, sometimes. We had pepper since she was a newborn, she grew up with us, and I personally loved that cat. My mom, on the other hand didn’t feel so kindly about this “rodent”, as she would call her. My mom called pepper everything besides her actual name; she called her “it” as if she didn’t have feelings too.

It was around this time last year, maybe early October, definitely fall, because everyone was helping rake the leaves. My dad was in the backyard doing the “heavy duty” work, as he would call it, “a man’s job”. Even though I could do it if I wanted to, but if he offers … then so be it. Anyway , my brother was in the house getting some chips and stuff, so we could have something to snack on. He opened the squeaky, old white door very slowly knowing the cat would try to sprint outside. He didn’t pay much attention to closing the door though, and the cat was smart enough to wait.

Andrew walked down the steps with the screen door still attempting to close, very slowly. Out of nowhere you see a black and white blur, running out the door at the speed of light. No one knew, so no one could save her. A white Acura with silver rims and tinted windows drove up the street at approximately 80 miles per hour, ignoring the stop sign, and the cat.

Suddenly there was a loud screech, and instantly everyone stopped what they were doing to see what it came from. The impact of that tire was crucifying, there was no way pepper would survive. This accident all happened in 3 seconds but felt like 3 years. The monster driving decided to stop after she fully ran my cat over. It looked like pepper was having a seizure almost, but worst. She was flipping in the air, with one eye and many broken bones. There was an eye rolling down the street as if it were a little toy my mom got from McDonalds with the kids meal. Blood was everywhere, and there was silence besides the cats screams.

Reality kicked back in. The speed of time was normal again, and everything was hectic. My dad, not knowing what just happened bolted from the unfinished back yard, and dashed down the long gray cement drive way. He got to the end of the driveway and stopped dead, unable to move, to breath. The murder jumped out of her bloody white Acura, and rushed up to the silent, murder scene.

She apologized multiple times, but my dad couldn’t hear her, he paid her no mind. She was dead to him. The next words that came from his dry mouth caused her to leave feeling worse than when she came. “Go to hell,” his words were harsh, cold; even I had a shutter down my spine. Without thought the young, careless tall blond, with slightly blue eyes, and a model like figure, left quickly, most likely feeling no pain, or regret from what just happened. She jumped into her car, turned up a song that sounded quite familiar, and sped off, planning on never coming back here again.

I looked over to my dad who was still frozen, when he suddenly walked towards our destroyed cat. “She’s still breathing” he said slowly, out of breath.

“What?’ I was in shock; I didn’t think I heard him right.

“She ‘still breathing,” sounding very annoyed, yet still upset.

“What do you mean she’s still breathing? Her eyeball is in our neighbor’s yard, that’s not even possible, she’s not moving, if she’s still alive, why isn’t she moving? MAKE HER MOVE!” I was scared.

“I don’t know Alexis, just shut up and let me think. I need to think.” My dad never EVER said he didn’t know, he was the type of person that ‘thought’ they knew everything, and was ‘never’ wrong. This was different he didn’t know what to do, his lip was trembling hands shaking, and he looked pale in the face, he was scared too.

He started walking towards pepper, examining her discombobulated body, Standing there for a second before picking her up, very carefully, making sure not to hurt any part of her body any more than it already is. He walked her over to the backyard, and sat her on the pavement. Walked to my neighbor’s yard and grabbed a shovel.

At first I thought the shovel was just for digging the grave, even though it didn’t make sense because she was still alive. What I didn’t know was that he was ending her pain. Slowly he lifted up the shovel over his shoulder, and quickly slammed it on my cats head. I knew what was happening as soon as he lifted the shovel over his shoulder so I turned my head as quick as possible not wanting to see this horrible scene.

It was over before I knew it and he was burying her in the corner of the yard. Still to this day pepper is “resting in peace” as everyone would say, as i would say resting in pieces .

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Dec 01, 2011
I can understand your pain
by: Leena

I love cats. I have always had cats. Should something like this happen to my cats... No, I cannot bear to even think such a thing.

What Pepper did is what cats do - they love to run outside and try to get far quickly, if they know they are doing what they shouldn't do. A bit like small children - quick before anyone catches them!

Some may think this is too sad a story, and well yes, it is, but in a way here too was an act of kindness. Surely there was nothing anyone could have done to help Pepper, and what dad did here was a humane thing to do. Her suffering ended quickly.

Death is a sad thing for those who are left behind, but not to the one who leaves. So anyone reading the story: think of Pepper now as happy, pain-free and feeling good.

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