Donna and the cake

by Susy
(Atlanta, GA)


This is not about my own dog but my cousin´s Dalmatian called Donna.

This happened when I was about six years old. We were invited to my uncle´s birthday. We were all sitting in the livingroom, waiting for coffee. Then suddenly someone wondered where Donna was.

Donna was always where the people were and now she was nowhere to be seen.

It´s the same with dogs as it is with children. If you don´t hear anything, it´s probably not good.

My aunt got up and went to search for the dog and then we heard her shouting in the kitchen.

- Oh no!

We all ran there.

You should have seen it. Donna had never been given any sugar. And now she had found the big cake on the kitchen table. She had tasted the whipped cream and well - you know. She found it gooooood...

So she had licked all the whipped cream off the cake.
A sorry, soggy sponge was all that was left, the candles all over the table.

And there was Donna, sitting contently on her hinies and licking the remains of the cream on her face. She looked so happy we could not help but laugh.

So there was no cake for my uncles birthday. And from then on they could never leave anything sweet on the table anymore.


(I wish I had a photo of this or even Donna but I have no photos of her. She was the kindest dog and I loved her very much)

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