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I want to feel motivated about taking and doing well on a very difficult exam that i have unsuccessfully taken once.

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May 24, 2011
We've all been there...
by: Leena

Ok, you have the memory of an unsuccessful attempt on this exam in the back of your mind. That is the thing that makes you "freeze".

Why did you fail last time? Did you not have time to read enough for the exam? Well, this time you have your "old" reading stored in your mind, and you can add to the knowledge you gathered up then, even if it was not enough to let you pass.

Read again - and use mindmapping to help you make notes (check FreeMind from the net - it is a free application I use a lot when I study, because I am of the type who learns by writing). Mindmapping is a great way to form a picture of what you need to learn into your mind.

And there is one trick my old English teacher taught to her students and I have used a lot. Namely you know how it feels when you look at the exam paper and think you know nothing. Your mind just clicks shut, doesn't it?

Well, my teacher said that once you get the exam paper, look at each of the questions for at least 30 seconds, a minute if you have time. Don't think anything, don't try to remember anything forcefully, just look at the words and try to breath calmly. Then move to the next question and repeat.

This way you signal your mind that ok, this is what you need to work for at the moment. All the info you read for the exam is there in your mind, trust me. Now you feed in the questions about what you need to write about.

Then, once you have gone through all the questions, return to the first question and start quickly jotting down what comes to your mind. Little details that pop out of your subconscious. Do the same to the next question, repeat. And you will certainly come up with a lot of stuff to start with.

Once you have something scribbled on your notepad or paper, it gets easier. You have gone past the worst hurdle, and right in front of your eyes is the proof you do know something about the question after all. Remember you don't need to win the Pulizer prize - just write what you know.

The main thing is, that if you have read for the exam, you need to calm down your panicky mind, and let your knowledge flow out again.

I hope this helps (but of course it means you need to read for the exam also!)

Leena :)

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