Here's to You

Here's to you –  a photo that symbolizes celebrating life.

Here's to you - toast to life

It was taken when we were spending a summer’s day at our friends’ summer cottage. We were sitting by the small lake enjoying the sunshine, occasionally dipping into the refreshing, pure water. Birds were singing, the wind was cool, the sun was warm, and no one was in a hurry to go anywhere. In short - a perfect summer day.

It was a moment to celebrate life. And so we dug old champagne glasses from the cupboard and opened a bottle of bubbly. We toasted to each other and to summer. Life could not have been any better. A true toast to life.


I looked at the silver colored little tray and how it reflected sunlight like the water of the lake. As I sat right at the water's edge, I thought I'd try something. I carefully placed the tray on the water to see if it would float. And it did! There was so little wind and hardly any waves that it just gently swayed without sinking.

And of course the next thing was "logical" to try. Namely would the champagne glass stay afloat too. Very carefully I reached out and placed the glass on the silver surface. And yay! It also floated. Then, of course I realized this was the place for a photo. I had the camera nearby and I reached for it and in a hurry took the photo before a bigger wave would come and capsize the tray.


So whenever I look at this photo, it brings to mind good things. Warm summer, holiday in sunshine, friendship, feeling of calm and being content with life. One of those magical days when time seems to lose its meaning, and there is only happiness and the feeling everything, just everything will be alright eventually.

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