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Nov 14, 2016
Removed the photograph
by: Leena

Just letting you know I found again an old email when I was cleaning the email folders, where it was stated the photograph you had attached to your post was used without permission. I did not find the right page at first as the message had written the headline of your post incorrectly (and I have so many pages sent by my readers...)

It is not allowed to post photos you have not taken yourself, no matter how pretty, unless you have permission of the photographer to do so. Written permission is best. As it is I have no way of knowing if this is the case - unless someone lets me know.

So, in the future - if you post anything anywhere, make sure the text is written by you, and you have permission to use the photographs. I have had my own share of copyright infringements when people copy my stories without permission, as well as my art so I know how annoying this can be. Just because something can be viewed on the net does not mean you can use it without asking. It is copyright infringement.

And to the photographer of the removed photo: I am sorry for the incovenience caused by this post. Your own post was hiding amidst spammy emails and so had escaped my attention.

And anyone else reading this comment, take heed...

May 24, 2011
Hi, Hina!
by: Leena

I don't know what makes you sad, but I do know that whenever I am not certain of what lies ahead in life, it is easy to feel sad...

It takes a little bit of work to get over the sadness, but it can be done. First of all, if you are sad because you have lost something or someone, it is totally ok to feel sad, and you should too. If you reject your sadness, you will never get rid of it. So accept it, listen to it, and then, be prepared to move on.

Why wouldn't you try a little thing I used, when I was very sad and depressed (I had lost a loved family member suddenly, and it was such a shock it took me a long time to realize I was stuck in my sadness).

I bought a little bright colored notebook. I had it in my pocket or bag all the time, together with a small pen. And for each waking hour I searched for the thing that was the best thing - in that hour. The idea was to write it down once the hour was full. So lets say from 9am to 10 am I paid attention to everything that happened to me. If the thing I liked the most was a small sparrow chirping at me from a bush, then at 10 am I would write in my notebook: "A small sparrow chirping in the bush".

And then the next hour I would search for yet another thing to like.

Using this method your mind concentrates on the Now - and in the search of things that make you feel even the teeniest bit better. It can be difficult at first, but keep at it, and see if your mindset has changed in a week. It probably is, maybe not dramatically, but a little is enough. You cannot jump from sadness to joy in one step. You need to teach your mind to search for positive things, and if you keep at it, it will become automatic eventually (and life is a LOT more fun if it does).

So do you think you might get yourself a nice notebook? Maybe some stickers to highlight the best thing that day? (I used little golden heart-stickers I put next to each day's best thing).

And after each week read the whole list through to activate the good feelings in your mind. This way you see you had dozens of little good things in your life after all!

Leena :)

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