How to Feel Happy

How to feel happy? Is there a magic formula anyone could use? 

In my mind true happiness comes from a feeling – a feeling that your life has a purpose. Whatever causes that feeling, makes us feel happy.

Too often we are swept away by the everyday life. We find ourselves in jobs we don’t like but ones we must have in order to pay the bills. We dream of winning a large sum of money so we could go and fulfil our dreams.




How to feel happy when chasing useless dreams? But are they really useless?

What are the dreams you would like to fulfill? What exactly is it that you would like to do? Really. Often we just say “Oh I wish I did not have to go to work but had enough money to do what I wanted.”  And then we leave it at that. A vague expression of our wish that life would be fun. A vague miracle that would answer the question how to feel happy forever more.


Do you blame your life’s circumstances for not being as happy as you’d like?


Well, here’s a secret for you: life happens when you have other plans. The events of the world are something we often cannot control. And if think avoiding unpleasant situations is how to feel happy, we are likely to fail. If, however, we are lucky enough to live in a peaceful country, there are ways we can find happiness in our lives.


First: stop blaming the world and other people. Let them be. If they are abusing you, leave the situation. If they are just being themselves, and annoying you, let them be. Constantly complaining about other people's behavior is not the way to how to feel happy.


Second: Analyze your dreams. Not the ones you see at night, but the dreams of what you would like to do.  A good hint comes from remembering what was it you dreamt of being when you were a child. Maybe being an astronaut or a princess no longer are valid options, but there must be a passion hidden there.


Did you love to write? Could you weave your wish for adventure into stories you write? Did you love to draw? Did you love to read? Did you enjoy exercising? Singing? Acting? Learning languages? Building things? Playing chess?


Don’t censor anything. Write them down.


And then: how could you start doing those things again that you love? Could you find a few moments in your week to enjoy them? If so, do that, even if it feels silly. You may have denied these dreams from yourself for so long that your mind has been learned to react with “What’s to use?”. It often happens when we think we don’t have time to pursue those passionate dreams we once had. Our answer on how to feel happy has turned into pursuit of money, not the feeling of satisfaction.


And the trap on turning away from these dreams is usually money. Our western society had taught us that everything should be made into a profitable career.




Why wouldn’t you do something you’ve always dreamt of doing even if it doesn’t give you any income?

How to feel happy - my own experiences:

Like everyone else I have been finding answers to the question of how to feel happy in my life. I decided to actively pursue my dreams.

I loved ancient Egypt since childhood. I was over 40 when I finally found a way to study the subjects while working full time. (Thank you, University of Manchester!)

It cost me a lot, but I loved it so much I was willing to pay for my studies. I simply downsized other parts of my life. I started an Egyptology website, and created a cartoon charater Mr. Mummific. I did this only for fun, never expecting any income out of it. It was a hobby and I did not censor my (oddish) sense of humor either.  And then a publishing house saw him, contacted me, and now a book by Mr. Mummic is coming out this year and I am writing and illustrating a sequel to it.


Writing was and is another passion. I practically stopped writing long stories years ago, but then the old dream raised its head again. Now (2016) I have one novel out and its sequel will be published soon.


Singing. I’m one of those people who always sing along when listening to music (when alone). Local Lions Club put up a little singing group and I joined it. We practice once a week on our own time. Last year we went to an old people’s home before Christmas and sang Christmas carols at a Christmas event the Lions had arranged to lonely old people. They were people who lived alone, and did not have family around (too common in Western world…).  No financial gain there either, but seeing people smiling and wiping tears when they heard old songs from their childhood was more valuable than any money could ever be.


A friend loves to read and she put up a blog where she reviews the books she is reading. Now she has begun receiving emails from publishers who ask her to review their authors’ books. And often love of reading goes together with a dream of writing. And now she, a mother of a young family, has been accepted to study writing and literature. She has the passion and she is following it.


There seems to be magic in following your dreams. When you do what you truly love, unexpected doors open, as if the whole universe wants to help you in fulfilling your dream. I think a deep rooted passion is something your soul wants you to do. So give it a chance.


And don’t mix up other people’s dreams with your own. They may talk you into helping them in following their dream, and it may be fun for a while. But when you begin to feel reluctant at being tied to someone else’s project, maybe it is time you let them continue on their dream path and just cheer them on. And then begin to work on your own dreams.


For that is how to feel happy. Doing something you love to do simply because you love it.


So think of one thing you had passion for in the past. Then take your calendar and write down at least one time per week when you are going to commit getting reacquainted with your old dream. Keep at it for a month and see what happens.


You just might find a joyful path that lights up everything else in your life.

I hope I have given you some ideas on how to feel happy. Go and enjoy your dreams! 

How to Feel Happy -
Tips for April

1. Decison making is easy when you know what your values are.  It is said that when you base your life on a principle, 99% of your decisions are already made.

2. Don't demand perfection from yourself. Life is a journey, every step leads you to you.

3. Critizing someone else's garden does not keep the weeds out of your own. We all know people who avoid weeding their own bad habits that they try to divert the attention to other people's faults. Don't do that - everyone sees what you are doing...

4. If nothing ever changed there'd be no butterflies. Sometimes a drastic change is needed for beautiful things to come forth.

5. Be concerned about the future - that is where you'll spend the rest of your life.

I care not so much what I am to others as what I am to myself.
I will be rich by myself, and not by borrowing.

-Michel de Montaigne

6. Don't compare yourself to others. You may learn from them but you should only compare your achievements to your own previous achievements.

7. No one owes you anything. They are not responsible for your happiness. You are.

8. You can change anything in your life. Just take responsibility and start walking towards your goal.

9. You cannot borrow happiness. You need to find it within. If you don't have beauty in your heart, you will not find it in the world either.

10. Charles Schoulz put it well when he said life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.

11. The purpose of life is a life of purpose (Robert Byrne).

12. You admire patience in the driver behind you and scorn it in the one ahead (Mac McCleary) Sometimes going slowly has its advantages...

13. Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else. (Judy Garland)

14. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. We cannot change everything, but we can change something. And those many somethings add up...

15. There are dreamers and there are doers. And the most important ones are those who both dream and do.

16. Your first actions in the morning define your day. So before complaining, find something you can be thankful for. And concentrate on appreciating it. You may find your day gives you even more to appreciate.

17. The deepest yearning in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. The easiest way to spread appreciation is a smile. Try it.

18. Hurry? Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday. Too much stress is caused by the need to have everything done at once. Give change time.

19. Listen how people speak of one another. You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than by what others say about him.

20. True confidence is revealed by a person who is strong enough to praise the skills of others.

21. Look for good in others - discover the best in yourself. No one's perfect. So it is futile to concentrate on negative traits in others and yourself. Concentrate on the good.

22. Humor makes life worth while. Humor is the hole that lets the sawdust out of a stuffed shirt.

23. It may be you won't regret the things you did - you may end up regretting the things you did not do when you had the chance.

24. If you are willing to admit you are wrong when you are wrong, you are all right. Four important words: You may be right.

25. If you wish to be healthy, strive to be happy. Our mood has a great effect on the functions of our bodies.

26. Never look down on anybody, unless you are helping them up.

27. Enjoy little things in life - it just may be you look back one day and realize they were the big things in life.

28. Love isn't love until you give it away

29. You learned the lesson in the past, you will use it in the future. So don't give up in the middle!

30. In the words on Henry Ford:  Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success.

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