Life Is But A Dream

by Peter Johnson
(Charleston SC)



My German Dream last night:
I'm 18 yr old private back in the Army walking slowly down the streets of Germany 1983. Taking in all the wondrous beauty of my new undiscovered World. Every piece of it.

The sound of an old accordion folklore music coming through the window of a gingerbread house. The delectable smell of bratwurst, sauerkraut and chicken on a Rotisserie basking in street.

I felt much like a clean hungry sponge populating the empty avenues of my hungry mind. I then come across this street vendor selling figurines. She was an elderly lady with worn shoes and old moth eaten clothes.

There was this American Tourist Couple with a German translator making an offer on the figurines. The Translator was chiseling her down on the price more and more and more until she got it for next to nothing. The elderly lady succumb to the price because she needed to sell to make her meager living.

The Translator looked back the Couple smiling how she made this deal and basically was proud how she took advantage of the less fortunate. She then offered another price on another Figurine.

The elder Lady was almost sicken by this. She then turned and looked into my eyes and I said "Call Her bluff! Tell them to go away no more bargains"! I was a bit confounded because the Translator and the Couple never noticed me standing there. As though I were invisible.

The Elder Lady then gestured with her arm and said in anguish "Shoo go away! No more deals". The Translator was shocked at this because she thought she had her over a barrel. The American Couple wanting no trouble then said "It's ok we'll pay her asking price". They made the deal and afterwards the Elder Lady looked at me with great appreciation in her eyes, smiled and said "Danke"! I bowed my head and smiled back at her and said "Bitte"! "It's an Honor to serve to my Lady". I then woke up.

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