The Light Pillars
the Cathedral

After taking a picture of these light pillars I named the photo the Cathedral, even though this is no church. This photo is taken in a special tent that stood up with the help of air pressure. The two girls who were admiring the structure, stopped and as I was standing right behind them I snapped a photo of them when they quietly discussed with each other.

light pillars

I was surprised the photo looks so… ethereal, sort of. It has a timeless quality to it, mostly because of the curving forms of the pillars and the way the sunlight softly glows through the walls. The silhouettes of the two girls give a nice contrast to the background light.

And why do I like this photo? Well, my life is pretty busy. My job itself is very busy in nature with little time to stop and relax. In the evenings I study, which of course makes my life even busier - reading, taking notes, lectures, writing essays... On top of that I work on my websites and paint fine art. Everywhere I look are post it notes, piles of books and notebooks, open computers, brushes, canvases… I’m sure you get it. The feeling of never having enough time to do it all.

This photo is in total contrast to all this. It has no tiny details. Only curved forms and light. It makes me sigh in relief, feels like a breath of fresh air after a stuffy day at the office. And even though the forms are very modern, they are also  very timeless, and give the same feeling of reverence the pillars of centuries of cathedrals do. Or perhaps very tall trees in an old forest - which many consider the best church there is.


I have grown in a culture that appreciates pure, clean forms themselves, without the need of decorations, so this scenery really talks to me. I hope you enjoy it too, even if you like decorations.


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