Lonely Traveller

This photo of a lonely traveller was taken in Italy, Riva Del Garda. It is a pittoresque old town right at the northern tip of the beautiful lake Garda. Mountains rise all around straight up from the clear water, reaching for the sky. In the evenings I remember how thunder rumbled in the mountains all around us, yet the starry skies were clear above the lake. Riva has a lovely micro-climate, cooler than at the southern parts of the lake. Artists and authors have vacationed there for centuries.

lonely traveller

These mountains around the lake are very much favored by cyclists. You can see them all around the mountains of Garda - slowly and persistently they work their way up the steep hills. To be honest I got out of breath just by looking at them.


This gentleman had obviously done his exercise for the day and had returned to Riva Del Garda for the afternoon.  We were walking along the lake and I saw him from afar, sitting perfectly still, looking at the beautiful scenery. And trust me - it is very beautiful there.  I took this photo of him when we were walking past, and forgot all about it until a short while ago I was going through our holiday photos.

Again you can look at this as a snapshot from a holiday - or see a deeper meaning here.


What comes to my mind is our hectic world. We are like this cyclist here - expected to move as fast as possible from place to place, to perform, to be better than the others, to "win" them in this never ending race.

And it can be very tiring. I am sure we have all experienced the stress caused by the world demanding so much of us, and dreamt of a pause that would allow us to do what we wanted, free of the demands of others.


So, when I look at this photo, it reminds me of the necessity to stop occasionally to admire the view. To see how beautiful the world is - and to wonder, if it really is so necessary to go so fast.


Another matter is: how much of the "busy" we create between our own to ears? Could the stress partly be a learned attitude? I noticed this once when we went on our holiday to London. Holiday = no rush to go anywhere. Well, when we went to the underground and everyone around us was running to catch the train, suddenly we realized we were running too! And the next train would come in a few short minutes anyway. The stress and speed of other people yanked us with them when we were not aware, even in the middle of a holiday.


When ever I feel the stress tightening my mind, I try to do what this lonely traveller here does: to stop, take a few deep breaths (deep breathing really helps), admire the view, and only then move on.


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