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What a stress a messy office can be... Work life in itself is already too demanding for us to have to handle the issue of badly unorganized offices as well. It seems these days our desks, computers and minds are all too full of information, papers and deadlines - and extra mess in the office certainly isn't helpful in getting the job done. If anything, the mess just adds to our stress. (I am sure you know how good it feels to go into a space where things are in their proper places - it is almost like you had more air to breathe!)

I have worked in a messy office like that too... Walking into the kitchen and finding the sink filled with dirty dishes and coffee cups isn't exactly uplifting.

And upon opening the fridge you notice that what's in there almost walks out on its own, covered in a mossy green growth. Not to mention the smell...

You walk into the rest room and see hand towels on the floor - not to mention the worse things that may wait you in the toilet. Makes you wonder do the people, who leave their garbage scattered like that, do the same in their own homes?

It sure is enough to make one's blood boil...

So - do you have any good ideas on how to handle a messy working environment? How to teach manners to messy coworkers? Has anyone actually succeeded in doing it? How?

Please use the form below to give your tips - they sure are needed world over...

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In our office the refridgerator used to be full of old food. Then we put a sign on the door saying "Whatever is in here is thrown to garbage on Friday …

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