My Husband Wrote to President Obama - and Got a Reply!

by Bobbi Stouffer
(United States)

Recently I suggested to my husband that he should write letter to the President of the United States. He (Mike) looked at me as if I had lost it. I had not though. His writings are very powerful and inspiring. I had read, or seen on TV, that he read 10 letters a week from regular Americans. I told him we had to 'Believe". I bet him a week of dishes.

A few days passed and he mentioned that he had in fact written the letter. He shared with President Obama some personal and encouraging insights. Some was about how this present economy has affected our household and how it has affected the same to millions of other Americans. The letter brought tears to my eyes.

The next thing we knew there was a letter in our mailbox from the White House! The President actually read his letter and said that it had meant a lot. He thanked Mike for the inspiring letter. We could not believe it! President Obama was preparing for his first trip overseas, as our President, to meet other World leaders. Not to mention the million of other things he has on his plate to lead our Country in. Yet he takes the time to write, personally, to an average American family. He truly is the peoples President. It was not a form letter or something typed and handed to him to sign. It was a personal note of thanks.

Mikes own life is a story that should be heard around the world. Never have I seen one man go through so much. He was taken from his home at nine, and placed into a state mental hospital. 17 years of his life were spent away from society. His story are what books and movies are made about. He rebuilt his life, from the bottom up and now mentors with troubled teens. Before the presidents letter arrived he had been in pray about whether this volunteer work was where God wanted him. He asked God to send him a sign if he was actually inspiring these kids into putting their feet in the right direction. The Lord sure sends some powerful answers to prays! Maybe some of these kids will listen a little better now that he helped inspire the President of America.

These hard times have brought families closer. We are a great Country and will overcome all our issues. This shows the World what the type of President we really have. So many will continue to believe that their thoughts sent will be heard too. Which they may.


Press released an article to over 4000 newspapers. (link

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Jun 05, 2009
You are so right!
by: Leena

So often people say "it can´t be done" or "it is impossible" when you try something out of the ordinary. Isn´t it great to show who was right in the end?

Your story proves anyone can try and succeed and that we all deserve respect. I also read the press release and it was so touching. A true story of a great moment in the life of someone who has gone through really hard times and still has faith in the future.

And that is the attitude that we really need to make it to better times again.

It isn´t about the education, or titles, or money. I believe the true heroes and angels are born through living through the hardest of times - and then using this education life gave us to help others. We really are here for each other.

I am very happy you decided to tell this story on my website, Bobbi. Thank you. I rate it five stars!

Wishing you the best in life!

Leena :)

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