Out of the Darkness and into the Light....

by Jeff Hollingsworth
(Monroe, Michigan)

Trials in life can have you sitting alone in some dark places, wondering if there is a way out. We learn a lot about ourselves during these dark times in our life's. Sometimes we like to think its another that will pull us out of the madness and chaos. No matter what it is we encountered there is a way out, and it comes from above. And this is how darkness came to the light for me.
As a young boy the Trials started to occur pretty early in life. I could never understand why things happened the way they did. I would ask questions like why? and what for?. As a youth I also felt like there was something greater than myself out there, not knowing at the time who that something was. I would learn to escape at an early age, and I did it through sports and writing. I would take the pain and put it onto the field and onto a piece of paper.
Heading into my teenage years I found a different method in which I would escape from reality, and this is where it began to get dark. I got introduced to prescription pain killers and some no what lifestyle comes along with that. At the age of 16 just trying to numb the pain I woke up in a hospital bed looking at my mother crying, after I came to I realized what happened I overdose and got brought back to life. Sitting in the hospital bed with a family full of tears I asked myself why am I still alive, it wasn't till later in life the reason became so clear.
After all that came years of therapy. I went to a rehab center and the councilor told me I suffer from a P.T.S post traumatic stress. I thought well there is no pill out there that can erase your memory. The councilor's would talk but most of it would go in one ear and out the other. Something inside me said this is not going to be the way I get saved. I would still do what was told by them to do. Nothing was happening that's when I started to become overwhelmed by fear.
This is where the journey begins. My best friend from high school was living in Norfolk,VA at the time he was in the military. He was a Christian also. The phone rang at my house and it was him telling me to come down and stay awhile. So I packed my bags and hoped on a train to Norfolk,VA not knowing at the time that train was leading me back into the Light. I arrived took a deep breathe and felt like something was getting ready to take place.
March 17 is a day that will be forever remembered for me in my life. The day he took me to a service and the day I turned my life over to GOD. I walked into the church beat up emotionally and physically. As soon as I walked in I felt a since of relief like everything went away all the stuff I have been battling for so long, and the pastor didn't even get to the message yet. Then the service began and it was a sermon called Let go and Let GOD, I felt like they where talking directly to me.
After the sermon the pastor did a altar call so I got on one knee and was prayed over. After the altar call GOD turn my pain into my purpose, the whole life puzzle got put together in a matter of minutes everything made since. After that GOD gave me a vision and that was to help other addicts by carrying the message of GOD. Everything became so powerful and real and I just wanted to heal and GOD did that and More.
If your in that dark place right now there is a way out, that way out is GOD. Never give up fighting no matter what has been done. Life can knock you down but you must get up after every blow and come back stronger. God Bless you all and thanks for letting me share.

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Jun 24, 2015

by: Leena

Hi, Jeff!

So sorry to publish your story so late - I have been swamped with emails and spammy mails as well. Now I took the time to really go through them all, and unfortunately your post was hiding there as well. (Not to mention some other important mail).

It is important to understand there is no need to carry all our sorrows alone - I am glad you found help, and can now help others in return.

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