THe Magic Of Santa Claus

by Rose Angel
(Sydney Australia)

There is magic in this world, even if most can't see it. It is there. You have to believe. Clear your mind. Look deep in your heart. You'll find it. Let it take you for a wonderful ride.

The booming voice carried far away into the starry night.

"Now up, Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen."

The reindeer heard the call and obeyed.

The huge present laden sleigh lifted up as if it was as light as a feather.

Santa Claus,(also known as Saint Nicholas(St. Nick), and Father Christmas) laughed loudly and deeply.

"Ho, Ho, Ho!"

He guided his team all through the long Christmas Eve night. Girls and boys all over the world slept on until Xmas morning. Then there would be squeals of delight. No one missed out. To the four corners of the earth this jolly round gentleman in his red and white suit, went.

Spreading the magic and enchantment, that was the secret of Christmas. As the first beams of dawn's light started to appear, Santa turned the sleigh in the direction of home. The North Pole.

Stepping down from the sleigh, Santa's huge frame felt heavier from weariness.

He planned and worked feverishly all the year to meet the deadline. Making millions of toys for all the little ones and big ones, that God had made.

Before Santa called it for a night, he unhitched the reindeer from the sleigh and fed them in their stalls and bedded them down.(Each one had it's own individual comfortable sleeping quarters)
They were treated very kindly. They all loved the Clauses.

Yawning broadly, Father Christmas closed the humongous garage, which housed his sleigh and animals. They were worth their weight in gold to this gentleman.

Removing his hat and coat which he needed against the cold outside, Santa entered the warmth of his home.

"Welcome home, dear. How did it go this year?"
"As always without a hitch."

He kissed Mrs. Merry Claus.(Mrs. Christmas)
She smiled. Merry loved Santa and all that he stood for.

Every Xmas Eve, she waited by the large window, that faced the front of the house. Watching for Santa and the reindeer to return safely home. The snow had been very heavy this year, but had not escalated to blizzard proportions as last year.

Santa told her not to worry. It was the same year after year. He said that Merry overly worried. As he was the best sleigh driver in the world,(It was true!) she shouldn't stress, but she would.

Santa's workshop was so monstrous. It had to be to hold all the toys, games, dolls, bikes etc, that Santa's helpers( the elves) helped him make there. They knew exactly what to do. All was carried out with precision, down to the last detail.

All the toys were tested over and over for safety and performance reasons.

Nothing was overlooked by Santa's trained eyes. Even if he did need spectacles for close work. Mrs. Claus was kept busy baking her famous Christmas cakes and plum puddings. She sewed a new suit for Father Christmas every year.

Although Santa was big in stature, he was quite tall.

He had to look his best, when he visited all those homes around the wide world.

The suit consisted of double material for warmth and it needed to be of a sturdy nature, as Santa wore it down all the chimneys. No one will ever know the true feeling that Santa would feel, when he first laid eyes on the Christmas scene with the glittering lights on the sparkling tree with it's trimmings of silver and gold tinsel, baubles,candy cane and ornaments, too numerous to name.

What a sight for all the senses!

Then there is the food that people are kind enough to leave out. Santa felt that he had to try it all or someone would be disappointed. He tried only a small bit. That was Merry's instructions. Only one bite of cake is allowed. Fruit is good and must be shared with the reindeer. Santa smiles as he thinks of Merry standing before him, issuing her final loving words.

All Santa does is nod his head in agreement and say,
"Yes, dear."

If anyone had the wonderful experience of looking through the windows into any home when Santa happened to be laying the presents at the base of the Christmas tree, they would think that they were dreaming one of a kind dream.

Over and over, Father Christmas performs this selfless act of kindness.

Then with a hint of magic, Santa picks up his heavy sack, taking one last glance at the magnificent tree and all its trimmings. This conveys to the jolly gentleman what Christmas means to folks all over the vast world.

It warms his hearts and makes his unique job so worth while.

Father Christmas stands under the chimney and with a touch of his finger to his nose, Santa sails up to the roof. Boards the sleigh and again gives the command:

"Now up, Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen."

The hoofs are heard on the roof. Then silence. They are flying free through the night. The magic is real. Just believe and you will know what I mean.

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