Tips for Writing Essays 4Outline

In Tips for Writing Essays articles we now move on to making the ouline of the essay.

After brainstorming, choosing and researching on the topic, you can proceed to the preparation of the essay's working outline. Basically, you have a rough guide as to the direction the essay will follow, the positioning of the sub-topics and the placements of the research materials. As such, an outline is often described as getting the job of writing an essay to its halfway mark.

Tips for Writing Essays 4:Ways to Go About It

It must be emphasized that there are many ways with which an outline can be made. It all depends on the individual to adopt the method that will suit his/her personality, essay purpose and writing style.

First, you can write the sub-topics of the outline with lengthy, descriptive paragraphs. You will be able to make a vivid picture of the sub-topics as well as make it possible to just refine the ideas later on by adding in the relevant statistics and facts. This will take a longer time, however, so determine if you have it.

Second, you may also write brief sentences to describe the sub-topics. This way, you can move on into the next steps where you can insert all the necessary information, facts and statistics to support your arguments.

The best way to determine which one is best for you is to actually try both options. At the very least, you already have an idea for the next essay assignment.

Tips for Writing Essays 4:Remember the Three Major Parts

Your outline should only have three major parts. Don't prolong the process of essay writing by reinventing the wheel especially when you have an approaching deadline. Just remember these parts and you should be fine.

The introduction contains the introductory statements, the thesis statement and the supporting ideas for the central topic. You have to capture the audience's attention and establish rapport with them through the introduction. In other words, this is your chance to make a good first impression.

The main body further discusses, corroborates and validates the ideas presented in the introduction. It is necessary to have a minimum of three points on the body, each point being the subject of one portion of the outline (i.e., II.A.1 Point A, II.A.2 Point B and so on and so forth). You should include references and examples, if any.

The conclusion recaps the major concerns of the essay, restates the important ideas and provides the conclusive opinions on the subject matter. It is also important to end your essay with a thought-provoking statement.

Tips for Writing Essays 4:Helpful Tips and Techniques

The process of making the outline can be arguably daunting. Well, to make it easier, just remember these tips and techniques and it should be a breeze:

• Always write down your ideas for the outline. You can then compare your draft outlines later on and modify as necessary.

• Use Roman numerals, capital and small letters as well as numbers to organize your outline.

• Rearrange the information for each major part as you see fit to achieve the purpose of the essay. There is no set rule to it so be as flexible as you can.

Making an outline for your essay is about 50 percent of the work done. It is easy to do so long as you follow the three major parts of the essay, keep your notes organized and stick to the purpose of the essay throughout the entire process.

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