Tips for Writing Essays 10Types of Essay

As the last article on Tips for Writing Essays we have a look at different types of essay.

Essays have become part of our education landscape beginning on the secondary level even until job employment, all ostensibly to allow the person to express his point of view on various matters ranging from the personal to the political issues, past and present. As such, an essay can be about observations of daily life, recollections of past events and even deeply personal reflections. Add in literary criticism, learned arguments and political manifestos and you have a rich source of inspiration from which to start an essay of your own.

Of course, the type of essay written will depend on the purpose for which it was envisioned by the author. Thus, we hear of advice regarding how to start an essay by first choosing a topic, determining its purpose and then doing your research on it.

Tips for Writing Essays 10Literary Essay

For most students, the literary essay is the most difficult to accomplish for many reasons. You need to read the works of other writers so as to prepare a critical essay of the literature in question, of which the favorite of teachers are the works of Shakespeare as well as the other classics.

You will be asked to focus on the subtext, style and structure of the literary work as well as provide your opinions on why the author used such style as well as the meanings behind the passages. You may also be required to evaluate the opinions of the critics of the book without resorting to outright plagiarism. Either way, you should read the book in order to have your own opinions about it.

Narrative Essay

The narrative essay is the easiest type to make simply because your sources of inspiration are your experiences in life. It can be as moving as an epiphany in your childhood or as funny as your most embarrassing experience. It can be about your firsts and your lasts. It can be about your best of times and worst of times. In short, you can bare your soul if that is what it takes to make for the best essay possible.

In this case, you can start the essay with a funny anecdote, a fun fact and a wise proverb - whatever works to catch the reader's attention and tie up the essay will suffice. You should write in the first person while engaging your readers simply because you are trying to establish a connection. If you have the knack for painting vivid pictures with words, then better for your essay.

Persuasive Essay

As the name implies, the persuasive essay is written so to prove that your arguments are true so much so that the readers will be convinced to look at things from your point of view over the opposition. As such, this essay is considered as difficult as the literary essay as it involved research into many sources.

You can achieve a good persuasive essay by becoming well-informed about the subject, organizing your information, and presenting them in a logical sequence. Probably more than other type of essay, this requires the careful development of the introduction, body and conclusion.

There are other types of essays, of course, like the research, admissions, expository, informal, review, compare and compare well as cause and effect essays, to name a few. Do your research on them to determine which one suits you the best.

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