Very Married

by Jacquelie Golburgh

On a ordinary saturday night my husband and I went out to a club, to pursue one of our favorite hobbies. DANCING. Dancing is good for the soul and great for the scale. It also provides room for a little romance, closeness and creativity....

There we were. Just the two of us.... We were approached by a lovely young lady, who insisted that we join her at her table. Being, by nature, open and friendly, we accepted her invitation.

There we found two couples (or four singles). Small talk began and the subject of marriage emerged. Well this became the shocker! It seems these people had taken us for one of them....

When they heard that we were married, their disbelief was mystifying! "Married, oh no, oh no, I can't believe it!" "Nineteen years, stop, stop, you're kiddding?" "We thought you'd be newly weds..."

These people could not understand how we could be married nineteen years, married at all, and be having such an obviously grand time!

I was asked "Is he that exciting? Don't you get bored? Isn't marriage to confining?" I wondered if this was just the babble of a few strange folks, or a legitimate commentary about the ideas of today vis-a-vi marriage...

I hope there are some other folks out there who have found that indeed, life is not just about having fun. What has become of stick-to-itiveness? And, even old fashioned "for richer or poorer." What makes people think the new rigid shoe is better than the comfortable shoe that fits so well. The one that is there wrapping around all the curves, the ups and downs, the realities and the dreams.....

If the analogy of your mate as a shoe seems incongruous, remember your FEET are your most important possession, your total body support.....

Don't forget the fun though... this is very inportant! A major component of marriage is the big "F", that gets you through just about everything. It's quite possible to have it, even though you're married. VERY MARRIED!....MY HUSBAND Peter and I have now been married for 47 years, and STILL GOING STRONG!!! You CAN do it too!!

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Apr 07, 2011
by: Emily

I always get very upset with people who say nasty things about marriage like "marriage = game over" its only because people MAKE it that way. I intend to have a great married life :)

Mar 12, 2010
Story About Marriage
by: Ronne Mickdey


Your little story is an example of how to make a marriage last. Laughter, fun and humor are ingredients which glue relationships together. Kudos to you and Peter for learning the secret to a lasting love.

I too am very fortunate in being able to have a great time with my partner.We are best friends and love just being together. We found the secret ingredient to a stable and lasting relationship.

Feb 12, 2010
making new memories
by: maria

My husband and I have been married 6 years and I always reminisce about the little romantic details of our marriage. I think the key to marriage is to never let go of wonderful memories and each day strive to create new amazing ones.

I hope there is still some rhythm in your step after 47 years. There is no reason, after so many years, why you can?t go out dancing?even if it?s a slow dance.

Feb 11, 2010
Great article Jackie.....
by: Paul Fishbein

I agree with everything you said in youe article. It is unfortunate that the generation after us is quite a bit different. I feel that we appreciate things so much more because everything was not just handed to us. It is quite different today. A perfect example would be: When was the last time you saw kids outside playing? The world has changed and what was so important to our generation is all together different to what is important to the generations that have followed us. Your article was great and it was certainly a pleasure to read something so positive.

Feb 10, 2010
my name and my typo
by: jacquelineGolburgh

I want to share that I must have mis-typed my name..I am Jacqueline....Peter and I have 3 sons ( who are doing great) even though they don't share my passion for dancing. We have 4 beautiful grandchildren, and we are each other's best friends. Follow your passions!

Feb 10, 2010
by: Harmon Prives

Jacquie - Your story was wonderful and shows that a marriage can be loving and enduring. Without bad times you'd never get to appreciate the good times. Marriage gets "old" only if you let it get it old. We seem to have lived in a disposable society for so many years that people often split up because their spouse isn't the same person as he/she was when they got married 5, 10, 15, or 20 years ago. So we move on to the next person. My congratulations to you and Peter. 47 years is a lot of love.

Feb 10, 2010
What a wonderful story, Jacquelie!
by: Leena

Oh I just LOVE it when you compare marriage to a shoe. You just couldn't say it better. My husband and I have not been together as long as you have, but a long time nevertheless. We've gone through our ups and downs, but those good and bad things have brought us even closer together.

Old shoes... The fit your feet perfectly, they are soft, and they are comfortable. Sure they may look a bit old but by taking good care of your shoes will make them last a long long time...

If this isn't everyday philosophy at its best, I sure don't know what is!

I wish you and your husband many many more happy comfortable years together!

Leena :)

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