You Are All I've Got

by Kathy Raper(Kayce)


The little boy was about 5 or so.He took a picture off the wall and walked out the door,holding the picture to his chest..The big tree out front was his choice for solitude.He sat down against the old tree and gazed at the picture.After a few moments he raised his little head.Looking toward Heaven,and with tears freely flowing he began to speak:

Jesus I don't know much about you.I have heard them sing about you.They say that you can do all kinds of wonderful things.They say you can make blind people see and crippled people walk.They even say you made a dead man come alive.
I don't know why but I believe everything they said.See Jesus,I have been looking at your picture every day.And I thought maybe if I talked to you you could make everything all right.They say you know everything that happens but I want to tell you anyway.

Something bad happened at home.I don't know what it was.I just know there was a lot of yelling and screaming and crying.Then my mommy and me had to leave.We went to someones house.I don't know where daddy went.Mommy still cried.I don't know what daddy was doing.Then some people came and brought me here.I thought this must be a good place because they have so many pictures of you.
It is a nice place but I want my mommy and daddy.Jesus I know you can make it all right.Jesus please just talk to Mommy and Daddy.They may not listen when you first talk to them,but Jesus please don't give up.Please keep trying.
We used to be a happy family,then something went wrong.I miss my sister too.Please Jesus make our family live again.
And Jesus forgive me for being scared and crying;I'm only a little kid.Thank you for listening Jesus.It helps to have some body to talk to and you are all I've got.

He lowered his head and looked at the picture and said "you are all I've got" and clasped the picture to his chest.

Written by Kayce
No.4 in the
Written by Kayce Series

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