Adoption Quote
or The Mother´s Heart

Here is one of the best adoption quotes I ever heard.

I was sitting in a bus behind a mother and a little girl who seemed to be in a bad mood. The mother had blond hair and the little girl was Asian.

"You don´t love me!" the little girl said angrily.

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"Of course I do, honey!" the mother kissed her on the cheek, "Why ever would you doubt that? "

"The kids at school said that because I am adopted, you can´t love me like a real mother!"

The mother looked the little girl in the eyes and said:

"You know there is only one difference between you being born to me and being adopted. You know what that is?"

The girl was quiet for a while and then asked in a sulky voice.


"Being adopted only means that instead of you growing in my tummy you grew in my heart,"  said the wise mother.

Today we see so many children that have clearly been adopted. I suppose if you have clearly a different genetic background, it can not come as a surprise for a child that they are adopted.

If there is any parent out there who has not told their child they are adopted, maybe you should consider that. I have seen at least one case where the information was given to a daughter when she was in the midst of her teens. She never really forgave her parents but felt she had been cheated.

Now of course not everyone reacts like that, but of course it can be a shock to a child to learn they have been adopted, if the knowledge is kept from him/her too long.

Another friend of mine, who was adopted by her own grandmother because her own mother was not mature enough to take care of her, was told from the beginning how things were. She had good relations with her real mother all through her childhood, and loved her grandma as a mother.

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