Its not just elephants that don't forget!

by Martin

A friend of mine told me this short story.
He had a great dane as a puppy. Life was great with this long legged young dog until one day, on a walk, an ugly scene occurred.
They were harassed by an unwelcome, fully grown alsatian. This dog ended up frightening the young great dane who came away a little the worse for wear, though not seriously hurt.
A few years later, as my friend told me this tale, and with the 'attack' long forgotten, they were again out for a walk. By now the great dane was fully grown, tall and leggy still but a big, heavy dog - though of a gentle and easy going nature.
They were out in the woodland, where they regularly went and without incident, when this day the great dane started off in a new and unexpected direction. The owner concerned quickly followed, and ... And what he saw, though serious, made him smile and feel proud - as the worm had turned.
What the great dane, now adult, had espied was the selfsame alsatian, prowling the ground nearby on his own with no owner in sight.
The incident was over in a trice. The great dane had simply trotted up to the alsatian and, without thought, tossed it over and several feet in the air. The alsatian was not hurt and got up and sheepishly ran away.
The great dane had come of age. He had not been vicious or cruel, but just put this bullying dog in its rightful place.
The moral of the story, if there is one - pick on someone your own size as you don't know what might later come back to haunt you.

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