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Next on Tips for Writing Essays we move on to conclusion.

When you have come to the conclusion of the essay, you are 90% finished in your task of writing the best possible given your talents, time and technology. However, it must be emphasized that the last stretch must never be taken for granted due to many reasons.

For one thing, the conclusion provides for the summary of the essay's points, ideas and arguments for both reader and writer. For another, it clearly points out what the information and evidences suggest. Indeed, when made in the right way, the conclusion can sway your readers to your point of view. Or at the very least, you can challenge the status quo and bring about change in people's perception about the topic just concluded. Either way, your efforts are well-rewarded in that it has made a contribution, no matter how small, to the treasure chest of humanity's knowledge.

To achieve this end, there are certain tips that can be applied in drafting and finalizing your conclusion. Again, each one is important in its own right.

Seek to Persuade

Arguably, the conclusion is designed to persuade readers to take certain actions, be it in the form of physical transformations of mental calisthenics. One of the best things to know if you are indeed persuasive is to read your conclusion and assess if you will be convinced had you been just a reader instead of the author.

Better yet, you should have friends read your essay and then provide you with feedback. It helps if your friends are your own worst critics aside from your inner writer's voice.

Tie Up Start and End

Think of your conclusion as the end of the string with the other end being the introduction. To make a complete circle in your essay, you simply tie up the introduction and the conclusion!

Basically, you restate the main idea, emphasize the main points discussed in the body and then make your valid conclusions. It is as simple as that although you may think of it as difficult in the sense that summarizing 10 paragraphs into 1 paragraph is, well, hard.

This is where letting your friends and family read the conclusion come in. If they feel that the conclusion is somehow off, then you have to revise. Just make sure that you keep to the main idea and the evidences in their support.

For many essay writers, drafting the conclusion starts with a reminder of the thesis statement, too. You just need to emphasize that your thesis was correct before making a compelling end.

Present Practical Applications

Assuming that your essay is of practical value in daily life, the best way to end it is to present the practical applications. Try to be as specific as possible without going into a step-by-step guide to daily living because it will weaken your conclusion in much the same was generalities and platitudes can in the scheme of things.

Even when your essay is of the abstract value, you can also present a practical application of the ideas presented. Just make sure that the mental idea is not lost in the haste to translate it into physical forms - some essays are just meant to add wisdom to a man's soul.

The conclusion is your last weapon to reel in your audience to read more of your essays. Use it and use it well.

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