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Now we move to the text body on tips for writing essays.

After you have successfully crafted an impressive introduction and a strong thesis statement, writing the essay's body in the most persuasive manner possible is easier on the mind. Of course, this is with the assumption that your research has yielded a rich treasure of relevant, reliable and updated information to bolster your thesis statement and support your conclusion. Indeed, it must be emphasized that the body is the meat, so to speak, of the entire essay.

Tips for Writing Essays 7Importance of the Body

As previously implied, the body of the essay is a blow-by-blow presentation of the relevant evidence of the three sub-points related to the main point as expressed in the thesis statement. You are provided with the opportunity to discuss and describe as well as elaborate and argue the primary points of the subject matter with only one goal in mind - win the argument!

As such, you have to be very organized, logical and decisive when presenting your evidence in favor of your thesis statement. If you have organized notes on the specific sub-points of the main topic, then you can just refer to them. Just be sure to polish your presentation, neither embellishing nor underestimating the value of the facts gathered per your research.

Tips for a Strong Body

With such importance in the general scheme of essay writing, it is but logical that tips and techniques for writing a strong, persuasive and engaging body are available. These tips include the following arranged in random order.

First, you have to write in a clear, concise and crisp manner using logical sequences of the sentences and paragraphs. It is very important to group together the sentences related to one specific idea in one paragraph and the paragraphs grouped according to the general idea being discussed.

As such, you must make use of transition sentences to smoothly flow from one paragraph to the next. Also, you must always wrap up the body paragraphs with conclusive sentences so as to leave the impression of being complete on its own, often in anticipation of the conclusions made at the last part of the essay.

Second, you must present your evidence one at a time. Cramming the evidence into one sub-topic often results in information overload, which cannot be good for making your point. Besides, some of the information may not be relevant to the sub-topic at hand and, hence, can only serve to confuse the issue.

Thus, you must perform initial structuring of the body paragraphs before submission to the appropriate individual. You can write general thoughts about the idea being presented and the evidence related thereto.

Third, the ideas first stated in the introduction of the essay must be discussed in the body. For example, if you have five ideas in your thesis statement, then it is logical that your body will also have paragraphs devoted to each of the five ideas.

Basically, each sentence presented in the introductory paragraph becomes a paragraph in its own right in the body. This is where your research comes in to provide the bulk of the material.

The body of the essay presents evidence in favor of your argument. As such, relevant and reliable information is necessary, which must then be arranged in a logical and organized manner. And that is how you win your readers over to your side.

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