Tips for Writing Essays 6Thesis Statement

Next in Tips for Writing Essays comes the thesis statement.

At some point in the essay's introduction, you have to make your thesis statement. For most experienced essay writers, said statement is an easy one to formulate but it may not be so for the novice writer.

Tips for Writing Essays 6Definition

Basically, a thesis statement achieves varied purposes depending on the type of essay being applied by the author. It can tell readers the author's interpretation of the subject matter. It can tell readers the expectations of the author. It can directly answer the question being asked of the essay writer.

It can make a claim that the readers can dispute. It can present the argument that the essay will seek to settle. It can also be that the thesis statement is used in the analysis, interpretation, comparison and contrast, demonstration of cause and effect and the position of the author on a certain issue.

Take note that not all essays require a thesis statement. When in doubt, always ask your professor if it is necessary and then work on it.

Tips for Wriring Essays 6Formulation

It must be emphasized that the thesis statement cannot and should not be hastily formulated. You have to think about it in light of the information, evidence and relationships uncovered during the brainstorming and researching processes. Keep in mind that the thesis statement anchors the introduction, serves as the platform for the body and acts as the question to the answer in the conclusion - truly, the veritable hub of the entire essay wheel.

With that being the case, it is very important indeed to come up with a good, if not excellent, thesis statement. Generally speaking, a good thesis statement will have the following characteristics:

• It must be stated in such a way as a reasonable number of the audience will disagree.

• It should deal with a specific subject that can be sufficiently discussed in the body.

• It must be focused on one primary idea, argument and opinion.

• It should assert your conclusion about the subject matter at hand.

As such, your thesis statement must contain two parts. The first part states the specific topic, say, Zulu culture. The second part asserts the essay's main points, say, Zulu culture is marked by peace, patriarchy and possessions.

Tips for Writing Essays 6Differentiation

There are certain criteria by which the strength of a thesis statement can be made with the abovementioned characteristics as the take-off point. Strong thesis statements have the following attributes:

• It takes a stand - Instead of saying "There are positive and negative aspects to the use of acai berry in weight loss supplements" say, "Acai benefits have not yet been studied in a clinical setting and is, therefore, not fit to be used in weight loss"

• It encourages discussion - Instead of generalized statements like "The American family prefers the nuclear structure" say, "The American family avoids extended clan relationships since it is seen as a threat to personal independence"

Both of these thesis statements are strong by virtue of their being specific. Your body and conclusion can then be written with such a main idea in mind.

And so, when writing the thesis statement, you must challenge the sense and sensibilities of your readers. Just be sure to provide the substance and form in the body and the conclusion.


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