Tired of saying sorry to my boy friend

by Swati

Story starts like this!
I said YES to my boy friend after 2 years of his proposal. He told this to all of his friends and our common friends and we planned to get married ASAP. Initially everything was going good.
Things turned around when we started having differences of opinion. How silly the matter could be, he started arguing on that topic, till I agree with him. For a while I didn't bother to think about his behavior. Later, all of a sudden for no reason, he started finding faults and mistakes in me, which I didn't do at all and he said "I want to break up with U"! I was shocked and asked him the reason, he gave me some jazz and I thought " My relationship is important to me than my EGO" and said sorry to him. That was my biggest mistake. After that whenever we had differences, he didn't even bother to think how I would feel. Never tried to find any solution. He just wanted to break up!!!! OMG! whenever he said break up, I have to say sorry
One day, I sat there and realized, what I'm I doing???? why I have to say sorry and beg him not to break up??? When he didn't bother to care about my feelings, how can I expect him to keep me happy for rest of my life??? All I want is peace in my life. I was so restless being with him.
May be this is called so called "SELF REALIZATION" I want to shout on top of my lungs and say I will not be sorry any more for things which I did not do

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